Example sentences of "i [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 By attractive , I me an my garden attracts everything .
2 Well it 's a question of balance I I the forty one thousand figure in my view should come down by a few thousand to reflect constraints in specific areas , I wo n't go into that now cos it 's a separate discussion later on .
3 I I the way I s I think I think was it Josephine he was married to , then then she would er she would object very strongly if he had a bath before they went to bed together .
4 You could do but I mean , I I the n the amount of money needed for completion sounds a lot but actually it 's probably I think two and a half two hundred and fifty thousand to complete .
5 I I the retail 's not within what we 've been talking about this afternoon but on the other hand it does employ more people per hectare than any industry we 've been talking about as as far as as far as I understand it .
6 Do n't fit got ta be something I something A
7 Something I something A
8 Something something I something A
9 No A something I something A
10 A something I something A Oh , I could 've you that
11 Yeah I what a
12 Well it 's very , they are talking about er other issues up to they are talking about the workforce and of the erm the the report from the and er it seems that they do n't really want much to programme forward which I have put for next year very structural maintenance of the and I what the services are actually doing , they have lost council probably say that they are out of control .
13 It seemed that there was some , because his face , which I knew was not handsome , with its thin nose and high , bony forehead and small mouth , had still some special quality for me which an unbiased analysis of the features could n't explain .
14 They only wanted to ask me their the name of the place beginning with E and a girl 's name as well !
15 I 'll swear the boy was alone , he told me himself the enterprise was his own .
16 Sir David should know that , but he 's asked me none the less . ’
17 He asked me who the young man with the dark curly hair was , and I told him .
18 And , it was the attitude of the other men going to a , play another school , I came across this man who asked me who the referee was on that particular day ?
19 PAMELA : [ gallantly ] It is very indifferent to me who the lady is .
20 Yet I am looking forward to meeting Mr Stratton again , because thus far he has refused point-blank to tell me who the murderer was … ’
21 He gave me everything a woman could desire . ’
22 it gave me something every bit as bad
23 ‘ I remembered , ’ said Wexford , ‘ as soon as Cullam told me whose the body was .
24 this cardigan was sixty two pounds , but it 's really nice , you know , and it 's , I 'm saying this you could make me one the same
25 Nobody had told me what a cinema or a film was , and certainly nothing about the concept of an animated cartoon ; and I was taken into the largest enclosed space I 'd ever seen , into a crowd of strangers , put on a seat , and the lights went out .
26 ‘ While I was with her , ’ I said , ‘ she told me what a wonderful husband you had always been to her — always , in every way , all your married life . ’
27 That just emphasised to me what a gulf there is between our sort of running and the shorter events , which the Board do n't seem to have recognised . ’
28 The following morning he told me what a wonderful night 's sleep it had given him and was fulsome in his praise of what he called his ‘ beautiful lady ’ .
29 ‘ You would n't believe how many of our employees told me what a good deal they got on a car or a boat because they adopted Karrass ' strategies ’ says an executive of a major oil company .
30 Nobody was telling me what a terrific body I have .
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