Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 He wanted me to drive on and I was in no position to argue .
2 His only answer was a wave of the arm , signalling me to drive on .
3 How long would it take me to drive up there ? ’
4 But sometimes the Earl would ring me at home at night and ask me to drive back to Althorp because the Countess was in floods of tears .
5 Would it hold up for the half-minute or so it would take me to drive across ?
6 He did n't need me building up yet more false hopes which did nothing except try his patience .
7 These measurements were vital to Jack Mason who relied upon me to confirm where he should hit his shots and how hard .
8 However , these were now too low and my prospects too poor for me to continue along that track .
9 I can imagine what he 'll think if you ring him up and say you 've found me weeping over my special patient !
10 I wondered what on earth John would think if he saw all this ; his friends in church , many for the first time in years , strangers saying prayers for him , me weeping over his photograph .
11 In this programme I 'm going to sketch in a bit of the background , by way of introduction , and in later weeks , various colleagues of mine , concerned with all aspects of the computing world , will be helping me build up the over-all picture .
12 Statue of me Gazing out
13 And then and then like you know and then she went off in a mood cos I cos I go to let's me sit opposite you like hinting like oh I do n't want to sit there .
14 Extract 1 : The ghost One day me met a witch Jamaica [ inaudible ] me ( gor ra ) mother — me saw her dere , me sit down an she tell me all the story alrigh% ?
15 ‘ But Mr Carson said ‘ Are you going to make me sit down ? ’
16 mummy me sit down and , and
17 If Mr Jackson sees me all grown up , then maybe he 'll let me stay here .
18 ‘ At least let me stay here for a while until I get my head clear . ’
19 Would not let me stay here
20 ‘ At least , let me stay here for a few days .
21 ‘ Let me stay here !
22 Well , tell him it 's kind of him to agree to let me stay here , but I 'm turning down his invitation . ’
23 Then with greater determination , ‘ You ca n't make me stay here . ’
24 My mam moved away but the landlord would n't let me stay on because I was on social security .
25 Even when he was n't there he 'd let me stay on .
26 The Miss Cardings next door , they would have let me stay there until I got myself sorted out .
27 ‘ And since you know it , I do n't understand why you 're making me stay there .
28 Or when Tom says , ‘ My teacher made me stay in today ’ , parents would do well to resist the temptation to answer , ‘ Now what have you done ? ’ , or ‘ I suppose you deserved it ’ , replies which would have inflamed his feelings .
29 I 'm really disappointed cos I do n't think my mum will let me stay now !
30 My God , George thought , cringing , he wants me to kill off more of that fossilised brain .
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