Example sentences of "i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 He 's drunk enough to float the Mauretania , and left me to drive him home that 's had so little over me lips you would think it was Lent . ’
2 Sanay just ask me to drive you into town , baby . ’
3 ‘ Want me to drive you ? ’
4 ‘ Would you like me to drive you , Aunt Goldie ? ’
5 ‘ The patron , mademoiselle , instructed me to drive you wherever you wished to go .
6 ‘ If you would prefer me to drive I can drive , ’ said the man .
7 anyway he walked , he was only away about twenty minutes you know he wanted to get the car and for me to drive I thought well er
8 They 'd imagine me prostituting myself , or on the hard stuff .
9 He made me expose my bottom to him and he whipped me .
10 He telephoned me at three o'clock in the morning , and asked me to confirm it .
11 ( Let me answer my own question .
12 ‘ Someone in the audience has asked me to greet them the way the chimpanzees greet each other in the wild at Gombe , ’ Jane Goodall began .
13 In waking life it was too strong to allow me to indulge myself in secret feasts , and I no longer felt any desire for them .
14 I 'll recruit somebody to help me service my client bank , because it 's better to have fifty percent of something than fifty percent of nothing .
15 ‘ He said that he could n't pay me because he had to maintain his cash flow for the London opening , but what he would do was to let me regard what he owed me as a stake in the show . ’
16 And that we actually op adopted a b a modern sensible er , reasonable attitude towards all living creatures and that we do today vote to ban fox hunting it is anachronistic as I said earlier , it is not necessary it actually causes harm , not only does it cause harm to foxes , but at least in one case , which is sufficient for me to continue my support for the ban damage to the people in my area .
17 This loss of control is frightening and therapy has helped me to acknowledge its existence , although I still do n't know why it happens .
18 BELVILLE : This happy estray thus restored begs leave by me to acknowledge its lovely owner !
19 It was much too late for me to acknowledge him .
20 You want to plant them , you can help me plant them cos you 'll be around
21 Manchester-based Mark , at No. 19 with I Found Heaven , reveals : ‘ My mum did n't want me wasting my time trying to be a pop star and I came very close to quitting the group .
22 Just as well the control panel 's on the outside , Bernice told herself , saves me wasting my energies on a futile attempt to crack the combination .
23 I can appreciate Edouard would rather have me wasting my time at the museum instead of going round to his flat and trying to persuade Barbara Coleman to leave , but sending someone to kill me was rather an over-reaction . ’
24 He helped me to gather them .
25 Think back to Jem Higgins and ask yourself of what use it would be for me to preach your message to him . ’
26 ‘ How can you expect me to risk my boys ? ’
27 ‘ Would you really , a man of your enormous wealth , sue someone like me for a sum that to you is little more than pocket-money , but to me represents my very livelihood ?
28 Yeah but what you could do , Nancy will be really responsible about things like that , you can say to her if a big fat Housing Benefit cheque comes for me cash it and put it in my bank .
29 My Pop came to me with an old Army pistol in his hand , knelt beside me and said , ‘ If you want me to kill him , I will .
30 Then he 'll want me to kill them , I expect .
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