Example sentences of "i [verb] [art] " in BNC.

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1 There was nothing for it but for me to drive the ten miles there and back and pick it up , because the doctors would need to examine him and sign the certificate at 6.30 .
2 When we came to Préfleur I asked Jean-Claude if he would teach me to drive the motor cycle .
3 A passenger sitting next to me flung a coin into the river with great enthusiasm .
4 One of his daughters takes me to borrow the telephone of a surly neighbour , who insists I pay for the call .
5 Nothing forbids me to dramatize the crisis by saying that the individual has found a new sense of his dignity in the knowledge that he is wholly free to choose , with the sole responsibility for his choice .
6 Let me answer the second question first .
7 He always rushed to the phone , he would n't let me answer the phone you see .
8 ‘ Designing a ring is always a lengthy process which involves me producing a number of drawings until the customer and I get it right between us .
9 It certainly makes me regard the next car commercial with a new pair of eyes .
10 ‘ Do n't be so fucking patronising , ’ she said , turning her back on me to continue a conversation with Geraldine Porter .
11 ‘ Peter Seabrook helped me build the pond on the programme , ’ he pointed out .
12 Derek was always very supportive of what I was trying to do — helping me build the aviary in his back garden had made him interested in birds too — but I could n't expect him to drop everything and drive me from Tintagel to London .
13 And the prophecy of Isaiah 61 : 1 , ‘ The Spirit of the Lord is upon me , for he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor … ’ stands in Luke 's Gospel ( 4:18 ) , as a beacon shedding light over the whole of his ministry .
14 ‘ I 'll ring Mr Pritchard to fetch me in the morning if you 'll just let me stay the night . ’
15 So water for me represents the ordinariness of life which Jesus can take and make very special .
16 I visited a one-man research station of the Cyprus Department of Agriculture who invited me to taste the products of many combinations of variety and soil .
17 Once I got arrested one morning for soliciting , but they let me out of the police station ; I got arrested the same afternoon , they let me out again ; I got arrested in the evening and they kept me in and took me to court the next day .
18 I remember me gathering the hens up that night late oh about ten or eleven o'clock at night and we had our own power you see by that time .
19 First to tell me wins a signed photo of Jon Newsome : - )
20 Mummy wants me to carry the tray in .
21 President Bush defended his administration 's cautious response , saying he had seen no facts since Tuesday which ‘ would have made me make a different decision ’ .
22 But before I do this , let me make a philosophical point .
23 Let me make a toast .
24 I use them to help me make a record , to make the band sound tighter than they would do otherwise .
25 ( You 've made me make a mistake . )
26 Having endorsed this as a learning technique , let me make a few recommendations and observations of my own and list my personal ‘ top ten ’ .
27 Before I regret the temporary arrival of my better nature , you 'd better let me make a few calls and see what I can do to get you home today . ’
28 Let me make a very quick phone call and come back to you . ’
29 Have your tea , then you can either go up to the nursery and play or come in the kitchen with me and help me make a pie , whichever you like . ’
30 Can you help me make a shopping list ?
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