Example sentences of "i [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ You trust me to drive without keeping a constant watch ? ’
2 All I know is that I think it 's a safe distance for me to drive behind that car at any given time .
3 Andy , my anaesthesiologist , gave me a smile and a pre-med jab and left me to float in a warm sea-green calm which was interrupted by the slap of rubber swing-doors and a breathless , ‘ Hi , my name 's Nudleman .
4 ‘ You do n't honestly expect me to agree to that idea ? ’
5 ‘ And you expect me to agree to all that ?
6 You do n't honestly expect me to agree to a statement like that , do you ? ’ he snapped violently .
7 ‘ The trouble is that I know that all the time he 's only trying to ingratiate himself in order to get me to agree to a merger .
8 " You ca n't expect me to agree with you on every single thing , Papa , " he said , keeping his voice low so that it did not carry to Senator Sherman and his sons , who were strung out in single file on their ponies behind them .
9 However , the hon. Gentleman can not expect me to agree with his preface , in which he said that his right hon. Friend the Prime Minister had negotiated brilliantly .
10 Erm naturally enough you would n't expect me to agree with Miss that erm the figures that we 've put forward are against the regeneration strategy .
11 I want a divorce , that 's what I want , but he 'll not budge as long as he 's drawing two salaries and has me cooking for him — but I 'll not eat with him , I stick myself in that tiny kitchen in there — can you imagine the life I lead ?
12 He seemed unconcerned at letting me loose on his half-share investment and I tried telling myself that ahead lay merely a quick pop over three undemanding obstacles , not the first searching test of my chances of racing .
13 He seemed to have forgotten about only letting me loose on water .
14 Your chairman was kind enough — before he let me loose on this most patient audience — to say that my attitude , for an historian , was very unhistorical and I took it that that was meant as praise .
15 They were both trying to persuade me to continue with the radiotherapy and drugs . ’
16 I , I er , you would not expect me to continue with the euphoria which you were trying to create earlier , and er , I have to say that I suppose that you would n't er , be proposing any different budget to this would you , in the circumstances that you 've got .
17 ‘ But both Graham and I knew it was impractical for me to continue in the job and remain as manager of Exeter . ’
18 I know nothing about radio — but I do n't need to , I realize , because , even while I watch , the waves are softly withdrawing from the wavebands , as from a beach at low tide on a calm summer 's afternoon , leaving me gazing through the darkness of my son 's bedroom at three shirts , two of them size 35 long , one of them size 32 medium .
19 I could not see my mother sine she had got herself well hidden behind my father so I rushed to the house , through the open french windows , saw my wife sideways on to me gazing at a blank wall and screamed , " See what 's happening — our baby to be plastered over half of some alien landscape !
20 I 'm also an alternative therapist and I do find that this is one of the major problems , that ninety percent of my patients who come to me suffer from stress and depression , and really what has happened in a lot of cases is that they have been put on valium and drugs , they find the side effects are horrific !
21 My definition of harmful treatment would embrace not just treatment that exposed me to risk without any hope of compensating benefit but treatment of unproved efficacy that diverted me from having other treatments that were of proved value .
22 I told my Mum that I had a headache so she let me stay at home .
23 That first day at school depressed me , and during the next few days I begged my parents to let me stay at home , which of course was out of the question .
24 Staying would also be impossible in the long run but that young man would let me stay for a little while — until the restaurant closed , anyway .
25 ‘ Do you think that she 'll let me stay for good ?
26 ‘ You let me stay aboard Water Gypsy — even though you hated the idea . ’
27 Would you let me stay with you then ? ’
28 Please let me stay with you !
29 Let me stay with you . ’
30 ‘ Let me stay with you tonight . ’
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