Example sentences of "it just to " in BNC.

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1 I never did like drag shows and I did n't want to spend the evening in the pub but I did it just to be with gay people .
2 ‘ We did it just to book all the bands we knew , ’ recalls Barbara Pendleton at her office in the Festival 's West London HQ .
3 you 're not just giving it just to James .
4 Do n't tell Madeleine I said so because she 'll deny it just to be contrary , but I 'm very much hoping the two of them will soon be getting engaged .
5 ‘ we 're in it just to be anonymous —
6 Rather than offer it to them on a first-come , first-served basis , we offer it just to new business coming in .
7 I 'm not doing it just to be difficult .
8 But er with the the the er the original the the first one , you had to heat it up with a blowlamp and you had to be very very careful to get it just to the right heat , before if you tried to start it too cold , it would kick back and if was too hot again , it just would n't start .
9 It 's just a little bit sort of er the waves themselves are nice but I think they do need something else in it just to erm break up the linearity of the er er , of the composition .
10 I 'm gon na , you can chair it from there but I 'm gon na do it just to be safe .
11 They faxed it , I T N faxed it just to the Big Breakfast .
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