Example sentences of "have been time " in BNC.

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1 Since the slump of 1921 there has been a prevailing tendency , occasionally interrupted but invariably resumed before there has been time for a real recovery towards parsimony and restriction .
2 This is to ask whether there has been time for natural selection to specify the DNA present in the human genome .
3 Both Nicaragua and Cuba have seen significant changes for women , but the Cuban example is particularly instructive , since there has been time for new gender roles to develop .
4 Fewer papers should be taken at very short notice before there has been time for the Departments to comment on them .
5 Unfortunately , in the hurly-burly of a busy existence it is likely that the next experience will occur ( rather like waves relentlessly breaking on the shore ) before there has been time to review .
6 Even when the preference is weak , the switch will not occur unless there has been time for the predators to learn how to handle the other ( now abundant ) species .
7 In Chemicals Manufacturing at Royston and Brimsdown it has been time for change .
8 Whenever the yield has gone below 4 per cent before , it has been time to get out of the door and sell equities . ’
9 There may have been times during your working life when you have not , either knowingly or unwittingly , paid national insurance contributions .
10 If the surface of the earth was covered to a depth of one metre in protein molecules , each one different from every other one , and if each molecule changed into another one once a second , and had done so since the origin of the earth , there would have been time to try out only a minute fraction of the possible sequences .
11 There would have been time .
12 ( However , Peter Burge , the former Australian batsman who was the ICC 's match referee throughout this series , said afterwards that there would have been time for one over if a wicket had fallen in the same Tufnell over . )
13 We should have realized at the time that in the emergency of AD 196 there would not have been time to build walls round town defences .
14 And that would have been time enough if you had n't shot your mouth off and brought that foul man roaring round here … ’
15 He did the same to the soldiers ' barracks and police stations ; there may have been time for the policemen to read seventy-five years ago but not today .
16 Between then and now there would not have been time for Newley to drive down to Miller 's End , walk to the gazebo , get himself killed and become as cold as he was .
17 Yet , in the model described above , there would not have been time since the big bang for light to get from one distant region to another , even though the regions were close together in the early universe .
18 It would have been time to win them with clemency later , when they knew his power and will to dominate , and could be stunned into love by the unexpected mercy .
19 But it was Friday she did it , and Thursday we were expecting her , so there would have been time when she had .
20 There had been times in her life when she had been — if not happy , then content .
21 There had been times , after all , while he 'd been serving his stretch in prison that he really had wondered whether he had hallucinated it all ; wondered whether he was losing his mind .
22 Not that those centuries had been times of uninterrupted peace .
23 There had been times , especially after a long busy night at the club , when she had been severely tempted to just throw in the towel and thumb through the Yellow Pages to find the nearest painter and decorator to hand .
24 Of course there had been time for two moves in the interim .
25 This arrived so soon we could n't believe there had been time to make them and get to the Matterhorn !
26 If there had been time , I would have ordered several new suits .
27 The only expenditure had been time .
28 Fortunately , there had been time to buy a half bottle of Bell 's on the way to Paddington .
29 Union leaders denied government allegations that the general strike had been time to coincide with Herrera 's rebellion .
30 However , there have been times in the recent past when 50 per cent of the artists selling and succeeding in the USA have been British .
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