Example sentences of "have been [det] " in BNC.

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1 I 'd be su I would 've been such a wreck last night if that , if Foxy had done that to me .
2 Well I know I know is the only one that realised I would 've been more shocked if had yeah I would have been out on the pavement here whistling with a banjo whistling Dixie there you are that one no not yet no .
3 And the barrel would 've been more or less , well about that in height sir .
4 It could 've been any doctor , and it might not 've been a stethoscope .
5 She didn there would 've been enough change in that and Kath was gon na go straight to the bank and get her some money back , right ?
6 D' you remember I showed you a manuscript — it must 've been some years ago , now — purporting to be by some mariner who remembered an English cargo boat having gone down between us , here at Møn , and Malmo — during the First Schleswig War ?
7 Since then it has been many times re-invented and used for 3D picture postcards .
8 It has been many years since the proud Fruithill Park outfit languished in the bottom half of the division after only three games , which is the case this season .
9 There has been such a growth in direct dealing that fish is only getting sent to Billingsgate when no one else wants it . ’
10 Demand for prospectuses has been such that an Independent scribe seeking a Warburgs telephone number for publication was told the firm really would prefer that it did not appear in print .
11 Over the past two years , she pointed out , Saatchi had purchased major works by many of those British painters whose rise to prominence has been such a striking feature of recent years : Saatchi has bought work by , among others , Frank Auerbach , Lucian Freud , Leon Kossoff and Howard Hodgkin .
12 Mrs Thatcher has been such a figure and , in spite of reverses , she has animated and directed governments with a sense of political direction .
13 But Cooper was unfortunate to appear before the disciplinary committee at a time when it was under increasing pressure to eradicate the high , late tackle that has been such a scar on the game this season .
14 This is when there has been such heavy use that the pile eventually flattens or there is excessive ‘ tracking ’ in a doorway .
15 There has been such an enormous increase in mobility in work and recreation .
16 ‘ This has been such a dreadful shock for the community .
17 By contrast Celtic had a goal in hand for much of the match and put together many passages of the passing game which has been such a feature of recent matches .
18 This popular hotel has been such a success with Club 18–30 that we 're delighted to feature it again as our Club Choice for summer ‘ 90 .
19 The original environment of human evolutionary adaptedness can not be clearly defined because our evolution has been such an extraordinary progression of expansive diversifications in adapting to an immense range of environments .
20 That Darren 's car has been such a loyal servant is all the more surprising when you consider that it spent its first 50,000 miles in the hands of a company rep and was then driven for 22,000 miles by a builder — two occupations hardly renowned for lavishing care and attention on cars .
21 The nature of community representation in Pittsburgh has been such that , while obliged to consult groups over the allocation of federally originating money , only one group per neighbourhood was consulted .
22 If you have a really warm relationship with your elderly parent and the two of you communicate well , you may also be able to help her a good deal by occasional discussions on attitudes generally in bereavement and the more positive aspects of what has been such a tragic and painful experience for her ; steering her tenderly towards the realisation that what she now has is not only what Dylan Thomas 's wife described as ‘ left-over life to kill ’ , but left-over love to give , which is a very different thing .
23 ‘ Confidence ’ , indeed , has been such a marked characteristic of the public school boy that many boys have been sent to public schools mainly to acquire it .
24 One of the great successes of the F-Plan method has been such a meal , a kind of home-made muesli , called Fibre-Filler .
25 In a small number of cases the JMU 's evidence has been such that the committee has decided the firm should not be registered , or that registration should be granted , but with restrictive conditions ( where , for example , a partner may be precluded from acting as a ‘ responsible individual ’ ) .
26 I do not think there has ever been a period in history when there has been such a violent and irreversible change in the political and social order ( unless it be the long-term consequences of the Russian Revolution ) .
27 But pressing the case for disclosure of APR has been such a long , hard battle that there is an obvious temptation to feel that — now the battle has been won — we can all sit back and sigh with relief .
28 Dwyer , who guided the Aussies to World Cup victory last year , insists : ‘ There has been such an improvement in Welsh rugby it could be us who go in as underdogs . ’
29 Ethridge writes that although expenditure on education increased during the 1980s , ‘ the increase in enrolment has been such that the average per-pupil expenditure actually decreased ’ .
30 Paul 's death has been such an appalling shock .
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