Example sentences of "have be give " in BNC.

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1 Ah yes , well you see , you see , in effect if you called her an old , that could 've been , that , that , that , that , that , that , that could 've been eh , that could 've been eh , that could 've been , you know , you could 've been given her a , that could 've of been a praise , you old cow .
2 It is capitalist , and everybody will , would 've been given their own land .
3 11.00am — Tony has been given an appointment at the local hospital .
4 Amnesty has been given Greetings Magazine 's ‘ Best Charity Card of the Year ’ award .
5 Technology suppliers to the British hotel and restaurant industry say that their products are often under-exploited , because too little thought has been given to what the systems are supposed to achieve and too low a priority is given to staff training .
6 In previous years the lecture has been given by John McGrath ( 1988 ) , Simon Frith ( 1989 ) and Judith Williamson ( 1990 ) .
7 There is no reason , and he declines the verbal advice he has been given by his Inspector , so this has now become an ‘ order ’ .
8 The relative or person who has been given the medical certificate by the doctor must see the Registrar of Births and Deaths for the district where the death occurred , in order that the death may be registered .
9 No convincing answer has been given as to why picnickers only pay £2 .
10 ‘ History ’ has been given prominence by the New Historicists , while for some graduate students and younger academics ‘ politics ’ has come to seem , as the Goldsmiths Professor at Oxford lately remarked to me , a kind of vital protein , without which a literary work is fatally impoverished .
11 In a further nod of respect to the great helmsman , his portrait on the Forbidden City has been given a new look .
12 A clutch of companies involved in technology from the Soviet space programmes has been given permission for the first time to deal direct with foreigners .
13 Jeremy Batty , an 18-year-old off-spinner , has been given a two-year contract by Yorkshire after his first-class debut in the last game of the season against Lancashire at Scarborough when he had match figures of 8 for 193 .
14 Mr James was brought in by Eagle 's creditor banks — the group has debts of over £80m — and has been given until the end of next year to turn the business around .
15 DAVE McAULEY has been given the go-ahead by a British Boxing Board doctor to resume full training after arm and foot injuries for his IBF flyweight title defence against Dodie Penalosa , of the Philippines , which the IBF insists must take place by 7 December .
16 ‘ Peter keeps uttering things over the years saying copyright has been given to him , that there was a letter , a document , but they 've never been produced . ’
17 But the deal has even greater cultural significance , as The Shoe People has been given the official stamp of approval to become a major influence on millions of Russian children .
18 The new latrine now situated in a quiet corner of the orchard has been given a permanent status ; a shithouse clerk has been appointed .
19 Alone of twentieth-century prime Ministers her name has been given to a political ‘ doctrine ’ and undoubted political style .
20 A greater voice has been given to parents , governors , and head teachers in state schools and to GPs and patients in the health service .
21 The evident conclusion is that the policy basis on which aid has been given to Africa has not been fulfilled .
22 Similarly , by re-using salvaged beams and columns to ‘ frame ’ the atrium , a character has been given to this space which is evocative of the interior of the original building , yet does not mock its new use .
23 My tiny kitchen has been given a rustic look by hanging up a hop bine from a farm , and a string of onions ( 99p ) adds the finishing touch .
24 A draft European Community regulation proposing that producers label their food-stuffs with a Protected Graphical Indication ( PGI ) or Designation of Origin ( PDO ) has been given the thumbs-down at the consultation stage with trade bodies describing it as ‘ protectionist and unnecessary ’ .
25 Some of this has been given by grant making trusts to specific projects .
26 The Man Who Could Work Miracles ( 1936 ) amusingly shows a simple bank clerk trying to grasp the potential of the miracle-working powers he has been given , but frames this story within a portentous divine commentary on ‘ that little planet under the sun ’ , occupied by ‘ such silly little creatures , swarming and crawling . ’
27 He has been given commerce and tourism .
28 He has been given time to develop and in a recent interview on TV the trainer was even talking in terms of a possible Grand National victory .
29 Johnny Nelson , the British cruiserweight champion , has been given the chance to succeed where his Brendan Ingle stablemate Herol Graham failed earlier this year , and bring a world title to Sheffield — and with home advantage .
30 The Neath lock Mike Whitson has been given an eight-week ban after being sent off in a Schweppes Cup tie against South Glamorgan Institute .
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