Example sentences of "have [det] time " in BNC.

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1 Except for Sting and George Michael ( 'wonderful voice , writes great songs ' ) , she has little time for most modern pop .
2 Particularly , she has little time for a group called Yello , the Swiss electro-band with whom she collaborated on a single last year , much in the way Liza Minelli and the Pet Shop Boys or Gene Pitney and Marc Almond have .
3 He retains the influence , if not the constitutional power , of a feudal monarch , has little time for Dr Mahathir and is related by marriage to the leader of Semangat '46 .
4 He lists no hobbies in Who 's Who ? but then again , he has little time , although he and his wife , Caroline , a high-flying recruitment consultant , are renowned ‘ foodies ’ .
5 The aggressiveness and competitiveness of capitalism has little time for his Christian sensibilities .
6 And , like Amy , Chelsea has little time for affairs of state .
7 Heseltine has little time left .
8 Examples of this reciprocal effect lie in the man who is engrossed in his work to the detriment of his married life or the woman who is so wrapped up in her children that she has little time for her husband .
9 David Pool has little time for the mystification of artists and their art , and his sole intent is to see the momentum of improvement roll of regardless of fragile egos .
10 Even in the off-season , McBride has little time to relax .
11 Waggoner supports the first theory , but has little time for the whiners .
12 He may be an MBE , but Moorhouse has little time for Britain 's sporting establishment .
13 Mr Houghton has come across protests , but has little time for their case or their tactics .
14 Like many women who have crashed through the glass ceiling — or , perhaps , ignored it — she is strongly opposed to positive discrimination in favour of women and has little time for the argument that women do n't succeed because they are women .
15 Once the baby is settled , make sure the child has some time all to herself when she gets a cuddle and your undivided attention .
16 Meanwhile on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway , in the Cotswolds , the other preserved 28XX , No.2857 , still has some time to run of its loan period .
17 This is not to say that she has much time for the developers ' current products .
18 With so much going on at the office , it is a wonder that Mr Lawrence has much time left for anything else .
19 I have hinted that the dawn has many times come to me through the leaves of the willow , but it is less the tree itself nowadays that transmits things seen to my mind — than something of which the willow is a visible type .
20 Always one of the most emotional of players , she has many times used her frustration during matches to entertain .
21 Edward Hulmes , who has contributed one volume to the Effective Teacher Series on Education and Cultural Diversity ( Hulmes 1989 ) has many times noted that RE is for teachers as much as for pupils .
22 On the stage , where one has less time to dwell on the cadence or suggestion of the individual words , me cruelty is unendurable .
23 For example , a child might be told that certain behaviours will result in the loss of free time ; if the child misbehaves , the penalty creates a contingent relationship in which the child has less time to play .
24 A more gentle upbringing means that the animal has more time to build up the reserves of fat necessary to lubricate the meat .
25 And because a bored person has more time to think about himself and his problems , those physical results of stress may well progress more rapidly in him than in the person whose mind is always on other things .
26 and I do n't think anybody has more time in in four weeks time
27 It can be easily executed from either the leading foot or the back foot , but a roundhouse kick delivered from the rear leg is the more powerful , it has more time to gather speed .
28 I would like to thank them all for their gifts and their good wishes , ’ said Dorothy , who is looking forward to cultivating a few hobbies now that she has more time .
29 He does sometimes get into a ‘ delayed ’ mood where he thinks he has more time than he does … the reason for the square/back passes I reckon is noone moves into space for him or looks for it up front .
30 Needless to say , with such a busy schedule none of them has any time for girlfriends .
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