Example sentences of "have [adv] been " in BNC.

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1 First of all erm we 'll you you you 've obviously been round the construction industry a bit .
2 Years of close military co-operation , including joint work in missile development , have given Egypt valuable information about its former Iraqi ally , which has presumably been passed on to the Americans .
3 Secondly , admission to a psychiatric unit has presumably been the result of distress which in many cases will persist after admission .
4 The apes being taught are therefore without an evolutionarily conferred advantage that human children enjoy — that of employing learning techniques , and being initiated by their elders , in a way that has presumably been refined by selection pressures over a very long time .
5 ‘ Whoever it is has presumably been coming regularly since last November so he or she must have been seen by other people .
6 Although the positioning of players seems wrong and choice of instruments has presumably been dictated by the need for variety in a tiny space ( the original is quite small ) much remains plausible .
7 Since the Town and Country Planning Act of 1947 the granting of planning permission for rural housing has arguably been concerned with the visual quality of the countryside rather than with alleviating problems of housing need .
8 Objection may also be taken to the new offences on the ground that rape has arguably been substantially downgraded as a crime where aggravating factors do not exist .
9 They operate under Royal Charters , appoint their own staff , decide on their own admissions policies and have traditionally had academic freedom in their teaching and research , though the last of these has arguably been eroded in recent years by the ‘ earmarking ’ of government funds for specific subjects , and the need to seek sponsors for particular projects .
10 Ludendorff has widely been given sole credit for the great German victory at Tannenberg , but before he and Hindenburg had even arrived at their new post imaginative steps had been taken by Colonel Max Hoffmann , Deputy Chief of Operations of the Eighth Army , which made that victory possible .
11 Having worked his way up via his own live spoof chat show Vic 's Big Night Out , he has latterly been guesting on television 's One Hour With Jonathan Ross , a show whose format bears a strong resemblance to Reeves 's own showcase .
12 That might well have been true in the early 1960s but not in the 1990s , so let us not revive a distinction which has thankfully been eliminated .
13 That might well have been true in the early 1960s but not in the 1990s , so let us not revive a distinction which has thankfully been eliminated All kinds of research in education have gone far beyond this narrow form .
14 Despite the principal duality of Irish party political power , the bourgeois structure of the state has rarely been questioned , only the degree of state intervention in the bourgeois economy .
15 John admitted recently that the economic climate has rarely been worse , and woodland owners have no financial rationale for management of this resource .
16 However , music chosen from a composer 's total output and specially arranged as a score for a three-act ballet with a story has rarely been completely successful .
17 Such a huge margin of victory has rarely been seen in a tournament of this class .
18 Ferranti has had its problems in the past so has rarely been an investors ' favourite .
19 Standing up for pensioners has rarely been popular except among pensioners .
20 Possibly , except that in homosexual culture it has rarely been , and certainly was not tor Genet , quite that simple .
21 His tenacious belief in the venture by keeping it running cost him heavy personal financial loss and his ‘ nursing ’ of this satire on operetta that has rarely been equalledis largely forgotten ( but not by me ) .
22 Now opera has rarely been a naturalistic medium , and never an understated one .
23 According to the outgoing editor , Mr Peter Stanford , she also has glamour of a kind that has rarely been seen in the paper 's musty offices .
24 The respect with which Britain is regarded in the world has rarely been higher .
25 The literary bias of British film reviewing has rarely been quite so plainly stated — Coward is the established name , his reputation guaranteed by years of theatrical success , hence he takes precedence over the mere maker of pictures .
26 There has tended to be an increase in confidence within IIAs , although this has rarely been matched by increasing private-sector investment .
27 The process of creating the record is valuable in its own right ; it brings respect for the contribution of the parent to the learning environment and can provide a level of involvement by the parent which has rarely been seen in our schools .
28 When ivy is seen growing throughout the crown of a dying tree it has rarely been responsible for the tree 's decline but has taken advantage of the crown which now lets through enough light for the ivy to grow away .
29 Widely considered a routine , if regrettable , fact of war , it has rarely been prosecuted .
30 This is also a problem for script recognition , although it has rarely been considered .
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