Example sentences of "have [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 and things , job families er , we 've got that already and we 've got , there 's gon na be the computer thing on careers but you see we 've only managed this year to get it brought down from year eleven , somebody who went into this , keeping it very close to myself , to bring it down to year ten they 're actually you know , it 's very , very difficult to let them remove it and I ca n't see that you can then make that down to ninth year just yet .
2 You ca n't we 've only got two lights here
3 I 've left my computer programme going , God knows what it 's gon na do I 've only got half an hour to finish it !
4 You see they , they 've only got so long on this site with that van
5 Yeah you see I 've only got fifty two and I 've got eight hundred quid less than you
6 And I do n't I 've only got one left .
7 Yeah see I 've only got like erm two quid on me and I need to get home tomorrow and and I wo n't have anywhere to stay cos Dan and Honey are n't going and I 'd rather stick with them and Emma and Nick and just go back to erm Nick 's house
8 You know you should 've perhaps questioned him , you know what 's his minimum what , you know , what could he how , how important is his future .
9 You 've got ta look at it as an ongoing er on an ongoing problem but erm you , you could 've perhaps have gone into it a little bit more then just to find out erm there was also a mention of , of an income rise in the spring
10 If , on the other hand , the golem is already working , then Haberup ( who may not this time be in a position to claim the patent rights ) has presumably done something to annoy it , and in this case ( 10 ) may be used in the sense of an answer to the question : ( 11 ) what did Haberup do to his golem ?
11 Heard Island , comparatively tiny , has little open ground and a smaller range of habitats ; comparative remoteness has presumably given it fewer opportunities to acquire a flora .
12 Selection on generations of bacteria has presumably built into them an unconscious rule of thumb which works by purely biochemical means .
13 The tidal braking would therefore be greatest around perihelion , and it is this that has presumably led to the partial synchronization observed .
14 Having liquidated one in four employees during the past few years and having promised to treat its workforce to more of the same during 1993 , IBM should have surprised no one by investing some of the money it has presumably saved in an organisation formed by the people who produced the most recent Terminator film .
15 There is a roughly similar development in 2010 , so the pattern may derive in part from Clarke , who has presumably imbibed some elements of oriental mysticism from his long sojourn in Ceylon .
16 The ambiguity present in O'Connell has arguably aided catholic nationalists over the years in the justification of their policies .
17 The decision in the GCHQ case which was discussed earlier , by focussing attention away from the sources of government power to its nature and effect , has arguably assisted the extension of judicial review to cover rules which ‘ lack any visible means of legal support ’ .
18 The process of de-differentiation that they celebrated has arguably increased exponentially in the past two decades .
19 This has crucial implications for Anglo-American and Continental Culture Studies , whose Lacanian impulse has arguably prevented the establishment of important distinctions between cultural forms .
20 Publishers grow thick skins against negative reviewing , but I remain puzzled at the volume of abuse directed at this particular book , by an author who has spent many years working on his subject , opening up new areas of research , and who has arguably contributed more in recent years ( viz Orwell : The War Broadcasts , Orwell : The War Commentaries and The Larger Evils ) to the study of Orwell 's work than any other scholar .
21 The enormous expansion of higher education since 1960 has arguably provided a further extension of opportunity , but it has not succeeded in developing parity of esteem with universities for institutions supposed to be concentrating on vocational and technical education — an aspect which , once again , has invited numerous international comparisons [ Postan , 1967 ; Robbins , 1963 ] .
22 Yet state censorship has arguably come much nearer and become more sinister with the Spycatcher affair and the more recent Section 28 .
23 One tutor reports that the Principal , who has wholeheartedly supported the scheme from the beginning , would very much welcome this development .
24 It stands in a charming enclave of similar houses in the heart of increasingly fashionable Deptford which has mercifully escaped the ravages of Sixties property developers and Seventies road schemes .
25 The organisation housed on the corner of Old Broad Street and Throgmorton Street has mercifully reverted to a name which accurately describes where it is and what it does .
26 Although the tyranny of ‘ promotion examinations ’ has mercifully decreased in the past decade , in many countries yearly and termly examinations and preparation for them account for a quite disproportionate amount of school time and teachers are virtually ignorant of how and why and when to test .
27 If the rise in unemployment has mercifully decreased , the pressure on wage restraints will have lessened .
28 Canada similarly depends greatly on railways , has widely separated confines and high latitudes , but possesses a very different socio-economic and political system .
29 This also means that it has been introduced by humans to a lot of places it 's not native to — Indonesian islands , mainly — and it has widely hybridised with the introduced wild boar .
30 Since the initial report of the Munich group of treatment of gall bladder stones by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ( ESWL ) , this treatment has widely captured the attention of the medical literature .
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