Example sentences of "have [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 See I , I personally in , in the past I would 've jumped on it and gone for it .
2 His silence encouraged her to be even more frank , and , looking to where the moonlight caught the line of his strong jaw , she said , ‘ I know you appreciate the help I 've given by stepping in to take Stella 's place , and for that reason I doubt that you would give me the sack — or tell me to go .
3 Er I will have explained er er I certainly would 've explained on the phone that er part of the contract requires them to give us a list of prospective advertisers .
4 I tell you , if I 'd have know what the content of the training was gon na be , I would 've arranged for our twelve crime prevention officers to go across there and listen to it , because there was a locksmith there that gave a lot of sound advice in relation to security of homes as well cars that really was good basic grounding for a crime prevention officer .
5 I do n't want to raise your hopes too much , Rebecca , but I think what , er the idea behind this , I er , thing is , families with two tellies , paying twenty pounds extra for the second set , and perhaps for the third set , another twenty pounds , it 's to try and lessen the burden on viewers who genuinely ca n't afford the existing licence fee as it is now , and Rebecca , I would have thought that you would 've fallen into that category .
6 They would 've looked at the lights , I know .
7 I think everyone would 've come into contact with it and I think it was just up to your own individual self really whether you took it or not .
8 Now then , if the council could , could 've come to some agreement and put in there , it would of made it right for us , now , you see we 've done so before , this is what I do n't like about he , he applies for planning permission does er the notice was no bigger than six inches long and four
9 ‘ When I saw him , but he must 've come on the bus it 'd stop at the turn an' 't was about the time .
10 He could 've come in the shop and bought them , yeah .
11 Willy used to come from school and she used to come up me mum 's house with a , so could have a suck of the tit he would 've come from school and you 'd expect him the night at me mam 's house
12 Say no I 'm alright and I must 've lifted my head , all I could hear was this old scraggy voice like a witch , ah serve the fucking bastard right , the fucking honest to fuck , so I must 've sat for another half an hour and I knew I had to go that way to get home .
13 Apart from that they could 've sat on a wall and done exactly the same thing , she was in the street .
14 It must 've caught on something , a thorn , a bramble , a sharp branch .
15 Even the sexing of fossil human remains appears to be far more difficult than was previously imagined , as Genoves ( 1954 ) has emphasized in his study of Neanderthal remains .
16 Even MTV has jumped on the bandwagon with The Real World , a show that chronicles the lives of seven kids rooming together in a SoHo loft .
17 Two months after Apple Computer Inc released a Catalan version of its System 7 , Microsoft Corp has jumped on the bandwagon and announced Catalan editions of MS-DOS 5.0 , Windows 3.1 , and a spell-checker and dictionary for Word for Windows 2.0 .
18 Everyone has jumped on the bus without paying and now the whole transport system is going under .
19 AT the age of 80 the Rev. Anthony Cunningham has jumped at the chance of a new job .
20 This has jumped to more than $140 billion , from $125 billion in late November .
21 Robins has jumped to the head of Stuttgart 's hit list after helping Norwich top the Premier League following his summer move from Manchester United for £800,000 .
22 James Wattana has jumped to no 5 in the provisional rankings for next season following his victory in the Strachan Professional Championship last Friday .
23 Jose-Maria Olazabal , one of five players who finished equal 72nd in a field of 78 at New Orleans , has jumped into second place .
24 The ape that Alison makes of Absolon , the excluded potential lover ( 3389 ) , re-emerges as John the clerk after Alayn has jumped into bed with Malyne ( 4202 ) , while throughout the night the miller , with his skull " " piled as an ape " " ( 3935 ) is left in the same position .
25 You know , the monk who has jumped over his monastery wall , Martin Luther . ’
26 According to the ‘ Central Banking Directory ’ , which is published annually by Central Banking , a journal based in London , the number of central banks has jumped from 151 in 1990 to 166 in late 1992 — a larger increase than in the whole of the 1980s .
27 As a result , Asia 's share in world output has jumped from 7% to 18% .
28 Overseas investment by UK fund managers has jumped from about 8% to 20% of total assets in the ten years to 1990 .
29 Gilford has 208,476.57 points and has consolidated his sixth place in the Cup table while Richardson , who finished sixth yesterday on 273 , has jumped from 13th to seventh with 184,746.41 points .
30 Manufacturers ' rate of return on capital has jumped from 2% to 10% .
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