Example sentences of "have [be] for " in BNC.

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1 In an effort to prevent this kind of accident ( which is almost always fatal for the tow pilot ) , the emphasis has been for pilots to keep their glider very low just after leaving the ground .
2 And glory in the 1,000 Guineas may well be a lot more than just a warming winter thought because Dead Certain beat as competitive a field as there has been for a juvenile filly 's race for many years .
3 In the course of these policies , one or the other restrictive practice has been singled out as the root cause of our ills — resale price maintenance , clearing banks ' cartel , trade unions — the cry has been for their removal .
4 The heaviest betting this year has been for Shellac , a six-length winner from Sudden Victory at Ayr last time out , but the deciding factor is that Dettori originally chose to ride SPLENDID CAREER ( nap 3.35 ) , who may have been unlucky when beaten at Newbury by yesterday 's Goodwood winner Monastery .
5 Since then , however , standard procedure has been for patrols to study photographs , names and addresses of suspects before leaving security force bases .
6 Will the Italian Abbado remain musical director of the Vienna State Opera where he has been for the past three years ?
7 It is worth restating how radical a leader Mrs Thatcher has been for the Conservative party .
8 It 's still as pure as it has been for thousands of years . ’
9 Whether you think that dimension has been for the good of the game will probably depend on your nationality .
10 Broadly , we may say that industry will have to be far less rigid ; indeed much more flexible in adapting itself to change than it has been for the past twenty years .
11 I 'm not one to do double somersaults — I 'm not that acrobatic — but he 's one of the best in the country and has been for a long time .
12 That is the way he conducts his business and that is the way it has been for centuries . ’
13 As Elisabeth , Rosalind Plowright sounded more secure than she has been for some time on British stages and sang her last aria with true Verdian pathos and passion .
14 IF THE PLAN has been for the Europeans not to show their strongest hands in the Freeport-McMoran Classic at English Turn , which takes its name from one of the sweeping bends in the Mississipi River , much has gone according to plan .
15 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
16 The 18th baron , who inherited the title three years ago , has sensibly decided to stay on at the Dower House , where he has been for many years .
17 Most of the assistance has been for the purchase of new or secondhand fishing boats , including the virtual rebuilding of the Western Isles fleet .
18 The largest share of the HIDB 's investment ( 29% in 1971–79 ) has been for tourism .
19 One of the important trends in recent years initiated in this country by John Hodgson ( 1972 , 1973 , 1975 ) has been for a number of drama specialists to undertake an editorial role in an attempt to raise the standard of literature on our subject .
20 We know how tough it has been for many but we are poised to move forward again , lacking only the spark of confidence with which a Conservative victory would ignite recovery .
21 These attitudes are in striking contrast to the British tradition , where party conflict is the primary institutional feature of Westminster and has been for over a century .
22 I show him how much I 've written here , how good a place it has been for me .
23 It 's all locked away , you know , Mr Michell , and has been for generations .
24 ‘ Miss Kenton ’ is properly speaking ‘ Mrs Benn and has been for twenty years .
25 He said , ‘ How wonderful it has been for us both to seek new understanding of each other as we have prayed together and sought healing from each other 's wounds . ’
26 When fellwalking becomes a passion as it has been for me and many others , the summits are regarded as old friends and memories are refreshed on each visit .
27 Oil is the most versatile , flexible and valuable of the primary fuels and part of the process of improved use of energy over the past decade has been for users to switch to other fuels to generate heat , thus saving oil for the transportation and speciality uses for which there are no cost effective substitutes .
28 And has been for over 40 years .
29 Selection has been for growth potential ; the average 400-day weight of bulls is 447kg and their mature weight 966kg , with an average withers height of 140cm ( the breed minimum is 132cm ) .
30 About 90 per cent of development in the zones has been for industrial or warehouse use .
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