Example sentences of "be just [conj] " in BNC.

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1 In past decades the roof void in most houses has been just that : a black , dusty hole in which to dump unused goods out of sight .
2 In that moment , she almost broke down and told him she loved him desperately , for she could see , finally , that all her pretences in Thailand of his capacity for emotion had been just that : pretences .
3 It must have been just after I left , thought Joan .
4 And if you phoned me early in the year it must have been just after we got the V W.
5 It must have been just before Boswell picked her up .
6 It must have been just before I left home in November .
7 it could have been just because it 's , just had just newly changed hands and it might have
8 It had been just as he was leaving on a Sunday evening .
9 Gielgud , too , through the agency of his mother , produced reviews to prove that the golden oldies of the classic past with whom Burton was being compared to his disadvantage had been just as slammed in their time .
10 He maintains that what we take to have been the causal circumstance might have existed as it did , and the rest of the universe might have been just as it was-and there might have been no smell .
11 So that I think , had the subject been injustice , it would have just been just as er , exciting as justice , fact or fiction .
12 To rely upon the 1982 accounts as providing a reason for deciding to discount these bills would have been reckless ; it would have been just and equitable to require Union Discount to bear the whole of the loss . ’
13 You are not alone as I am just as confused myself .
14 I found out who they are just before I left to see you .
15 then I went , I went into town a bit later on , come down Manstral Road and there was like a load of traffic there and I got to where the traffic lights are just before you get to the big turning at Manstral Road
16 Federal budget requests are just that : requests .
17 ‘ Do n't you see , ’ her mother explained , drawing her close with an arm around her bony shoulders , ‘ you 'll be looking after boys soon and things are just like they say , boys do n't make passes at girls who wear glasses . ’
18 That is , we must also feel that the immediate personal sacrifices that are expected of us are just and fair , if we are to comply .
19 By ascribing unjustified adversity to the malice of witches , the Lugbara are able to maintain their central doctrine that the ancestors are just and good .
20 The costs awarded may not be the full costs incurred by the prosecutor , only such costs as are just and reasonable .
21 The women are just and fair , The men are dishonest and immoral .
22 For instance , referring to the title , some characters are just and immoral , some are fair and dishonest .
23 ‘ The public want to see the courts pass sentences that are just and to do this the courts must use the powers this Government has given them .
24 In terms of these Z-parameters , equations ( 10.5 ) are just and , because of the linear relationship between small signals , the response to small sinusoidal signals is governed by corresponding phasor equations
25 Nozick , for example , formulates an entitlement theory of justice , in which a person 's property holdings are just if they are acquired through some just act of original acquisition or by some just transfer .
26 It 's wrong for us to steal from someone who seems to be richer than we are just as it 's wrong for someone to steal from us if they think their need is greater than ours .
27 Obviously , the real nasties , Sun readers , are just as they have always been , vile and pretty anti-gay .
28 The traditional leather-trimmed wheel and large round instrument dials are just as you remember them .
29 The puddings , such as the notorious ‘ Boozey Prunes ’ , are just as appetising .
30 They have families and mortgages and are just as worried about the possibility of a radiation leak as the next person . ’
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