Example sentences of "be the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A HOUSE , whose ‘ I Am The Greatest ’ LP has just been reissued on EMI , precede the September release of a limited edition mail order single with dates at Liverpool Krazy House
2 In Italy , I am the greatest .
3 A HOUSE : ‘ I Am The Greatest ’ ( Setanta )
4 ‘ I Am The Greatest ’ contains 16 songs of cynicism and desperate hope , from the almost venomous diatribe of ‘ I Do n't Care ’ to the gorgeous child-like pleading of ‘ Take It Easy On Me ’ .
5 The likes of ‘ Live Life Death Die ’ and ‘ Creatures Of Craze ’ do n't need standard lyrical formats — streams of juxtaposed words more than suffice , and the final title track is a knife-twisting attack that hits the music industry where it hurts , climaxing with an anguished ‘ I Am The Greatest ’ repeated over and over like some unrelenting battle cry .
6 Until then , make room in your record collection for ‘ I Am The Greatest ’ , one of the most cherishable pieces of black vinyl you could ever hope to own .
7 From Adam until now I am the greatest in the recorded history of mankind , ’ he says to the camera , and to the world .
8 ‘ I am the Official Dog Chaser — it 's my responsibility .
9 Years before , he had suddenly exclaimed with bitter irony , ‘ You are quite the plush gentleman and I am the black sheep . ’
10 I am the only woman you 've felt like this about , the only woman you 've kissed and caressed this way .
11 I think I am the only one who has n't had to pay any fines for not missing a tournament .
12 The Ferranti source said : ‘ Lord Weinstock ( GEC 's managing director ) would like to be in the position where he was able to say to the Ministry of Defence , ‘ Look , I am the only person who can rescue Ferranti from collapse . ’
13 ‘ I am the only one who can help you , Ari . ’
14 He once began a memorable contribution to a debate on the 1981 riots in Brixton with the words , ‘ My Lords , I think I am the only member who has spoken today who has had agricultural estates in Jamaica . ’
15 ‘ Of all the people in my class at naval college I am the only one still in the service . ’
16 Twenty-four soldiers , including Hale , fell dead , with forty-two wounded ; and Lieutenant Erickson wheeled around to scream at Miles , ‘ I am the only damned man of the Seventh Cavalry who wears shoulder straps alive ! ’
17 I am the only child of elderly parents and I suppose when I was young they were over-protective and old-fashioned .
18 I am the only one left in Baldersdale with Bayles blood in my veins .
19 ‘ It looks ’ , said the judge who was plainly captivated by the actress , ‘ as if I am the only one who would like to see Miss Collier again . ’
20 I am the only child . ’
21 ‘ I understand people associating me with bands I 've worked on as an engineer , but I do n't understand why I am the only engineer in the world who 's expected to be discriminating about the bands he 's worked with … ’
22 Around forty of these drawings have been known for years from books and exhibitions , but as things are , I am the only person in the world at the moment to have complete knowledge of what that collection was in its entirety .
23 ‘ How do you know I am the only one they targeted ?
24 It exists in three forms : expertise from experience ( ‘ I am the only one who has done this before ’ ) ; expertise based on knowledge ; and expertise based on a particular skill ( e.g. the surgeon , the programmer , the writer , the foreign exchange dealer ) .
25 I am the only golden eagle you know now and you may think all are like me , and become trusting and believe they will help you .
26 They 'll always be in the record books that I am the only man at any weight who 's ever won three Lonsdale belts outright .
27 I am the only female fishing .
28 I am the only Member of this House who knows Dr. James McDaid —
29 As he can see , I am the only Member of Parliament from the northern region who is here apart from , I think , one Labour Member of Parliament who is a Whip .
30 I think that I am the only hon. Member to have served on two Select Committees on the channel tunnel .
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