Example sentences of "be for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 How glad I am for them !
2 no , and mean end up doing separate stew mum I am for myself it 's not fair that because I ca n't eat
3 ‘ I shall try to think of some way of showing how grateful I am for your bravery .
4 ( Or groundsperson , as you quickly modified it to , though let me assure you grateful as I am for your awareness of the issues involved that I have no simplistic sensibilities to be offended in this area . )
5 I can see how hopelessly unsuitable I am for you ; all I ever do is misunderstand what you say , and weep .
6 " But think how good I am for you .
7 All her brave effort had been for nothing .
8 All these hours in Madamoiselle McKirdy 's class will not have been for nothing .
9 He tried to be nice about it , but it was fairly obvious he did n't want me any more ; and truthfully , I did n't want him any more either , except in so far that I could n't bear that it should all have been for nothing — worse than nothing .
10 It had all been for nothing ; the fear , the guilt , the deaths … .
11 The mad drive up the M4 with pain like barbed hooks turning in his arm had all been for nothing .
12 ‘ If we ca n't get these orders out on time , all the effort we 've put in will have been for nothing .
13 All of her sweet , loving nature that she 'd turned in on herself , waiting for this one moment in her life , this moment of truth , and it had all been for nothing .
14 He might not even be there and the whole thing would have been for nothing and all he would have got out of it would have been kicks .
15 If she decides to go straight home all this will have been for nothing . ’
16 So it had all been for nothing !
17 How has it been for yourself , obviously you 've been here with your children , your husband 's been away for more than a month , in Iraq , there must have been er terrible thoughts going through you mind at certain times ?
18 It must have been for myself as much as any other that I issued that warning : It might be all too easy to take a wrong path !
19 In the course of these policies , one or the other restrictive practice has been singled out as the root cause of our ills — resale price maintenance , clearing banks ' cartel , trade unions — the cry has been for their removal .
20 If possible , life was harder even for these ragged redskins than it had been for their forefathers after the war with Rope Thrower , when their livelihood had been deliberately burned away from them .
21 Had it not been for their masks , the Phantasms ' faces must surely have blistered — a gulf of rising furnace-air yawned beyond that hatch .
22 If it had not been for their long , soul-searching conversations about the Koran and the life of the Prophet , he would probably not , now , be sleeping with her .
23 Perhaps they 've been for their walk , this one looks as if he 's so old he can hardly !
24 She would have welcomed both had it not been for her vow of return .
25 ‘ If it had n't been for her courage and fortitude in going out there and taking on the role of investigator , private detective and motivator , those files would still be closed and the police would just have an unsolved case of a missing person . ’
26 If it had n't been for her fat friend , she would have overslept .
27 When Aunt Lilian wrote to tell him of my mother 's death — she said she had died from pneumonia — he sent a wreath of lilies and a letter , saying that if it had not been for her tuition , he would not be where he was now .
28 Had it not been for her chance meeting with Estabrook — who saw through her tumbling , distracted manner to the woman she was — she might well have taken her own life .
29 Carrie knew how hard it had been for her father , who had spent almost thirty-seven years as a horsekeeper for Galloway , to look for other employment .
30 The battered red car arrived at 7pm , Maria Yackle was dressed as she had been for her previous visit , but because it was rather cold , wore a jacket made of synthetic fur as well .
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