Example sentences of "and i [verb] " in BNC.

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1 One day at the Legation he had produced boxing gloves , and instructed Brian and me to put them on .
2 The Lord Chancellor has invited and me to put forward positive recommendations , which we have undertaken to do , after the fullest consultation .
3 Why do n't you and me go some place , see who 's out and about down the Grove ?
4 and me go off , I would n't do that without really you know , having been out with him a few times .
5 If we 've come to guard and received forgiveness of sins , if we have become good followers of Jesus Christ and we are not amazed then there 's something wrong with what we 've received that god should so love , not just the world , but should so love me , that he gave his son to die for me and that was the sort of er discovery that these four lepers made they 've come down there , they 've found that the sight before them was amazing , there was no enemy there , the enemy had disappeared and the tents with all their contents were there before them , they were amazed with what they found and you and I when we come to god through Jesus Christ , we are amazed at what we find , we find forgiveness , we find the restoration of a relationship between ourselves and god , we find an access to receive god 's blessing to receive his favour , to receive his gifts that he has for us , no wonder the apostle Paul cries out thanks beyond to god for his unspeakable gift , but then again these four men they were not just amazed that what they found , they were , they got absorbed in what they got , because they got a lot more than they bargained for , they possibly in their wildest dreams thought they might at least get , get what the cook was throwing out , they might get to , to the dustbins , they might get what was left over , that would of been great , they were dying of starvation , the driest mouldiest crust would of been like , like a banquet to them , but they got so much more than they anticipated and they got absorbed in it , every thing was there 's for the taking as they pulled back the , the flap of the tent as they go in and they see the tables laid out there , they see the food and the drink , they see the plenty , these men who for weeks have known terrible poverty , there might of been a time earlier on in the siege when a few scraps got thrown over the city wall , when the bins were put out the side of the city of an evening , er they would go there and forage amongst them , but all that had stopped long since and it was only the bits and pieces that they managed to forage for themselves and get for themselves that they 'd been eating of late , but here every thing is there for the taking , they rubbed their eyes , they pinched one another to make sure their not dreaming , it really is food and drink in a , in an abundance they could n't of thought of a few mo hours earlier one moment they had nothing , the next they 've got every thing , what was it they needed , food , the tables would of been laden with it , it was the food , enough food for an army and there 's only four of them , did they , were they thirsty , here was drink , here was wine and , and drink in abundance the rags , the tatters they were dressed in , there were garments and wardrobe full of clothes here for them , did they need money , well the tents were full of the gold and the silver and , and , and valuables , there were a sufficiency , every thing was there you know the idea that the Christian life is drab and poor is such a terrible false hood , its an iniquitous lie of the devil , the tragedy is that we have actually often made it that way , we have made the Christian faith something drab , something boring , something for old folk er and er you know , people who are , who are , just wanting a crutch because their coming to the end of their natural life and we 've made it something drab and dull listen to what the apostle Paul says when he 's writing to Carinthian 's in his second letter in chapter eight , he says you know the grace of our lord Jesus Christ , that though he was rich for your sakes he became poor , so that you through his poverty might be rich , god , he 's purpose follows his people , he 's not that we 've a drab , grey , dull uninteresting life , Jesus said I 've come that you might of life , and that more abundant , that in all its fullness and god has purpose for us , and when Paul is talking about riches there , he 's not talking about pounds and pence , he 's talking about the richness of the life that we enjoy its not a case of not doing this and having to do that the other thing , its a case of enjoying life as god purposes it , as god intends it you know if you do n't enjoy your Christian life now , let me tell you your in for a rude awakening when you get to heaven , because the quality of life is not gon na change the only things that 'll change is its la it , it will , it will be in his presence , the quality of life will not change because already now we have received eternal life , he has given his life to us and he has n't got some other special , you know , super duper life laid up , there 's nothing , there 's nothing greater ahead , god has n't got any thing greater for us than what he 's already given to us in embryonic form here and now why if we take on er a , a , a dazzling scintillating new zest and zap when you get to heaven , that life is already given to you and to me know go back to these four men at the moment , they had never known any thing like this before this was better than all their birthdays rolled into one , this was the greatest day in their experience and if they would live to be a hundred they would never know another day like this , they were having a tremendous time , it said they , they , they , they went into one tent , listen to what they did , they went into one tent and they , they ate , they drank , they had a party and they carried from there the silver , the gold and the clothes and they went and hid they returned and entered another tent and then they did the same there , they were having a tremendous time , this was a beano to end all beano 's , this was the greatest day in their life , they were having a wonderful time and why should n't they , why not you know there are folk who would , who 'd want to make us as Christians er and er , ee , put us into a straight jacket the bible tells me even the sunsets free , is free indeed and I do n't see any suggestions as I read the New Testament , that first of all the life of Jesus was drab and uninteresting , or that he expects me as his follow to lead a drab , a grey life , oh its not always gon na be a ple an easy life but that does n't reduce the , the zest and the excitement in it but you see the danger is when having a good time is the reason for living and the only reason for it , you see , if god has intervened in our life , if the message of the gospel is true , if god in Christ has taken away your sin and made you in Christ a new creation then you have every reason to enjoy life , in a sense your only able to start enjoying life now , you may have enjoyed some of the things that , that folks suggest that make up life , but they 've finished , there gone , what happens when the , when , when the wine has run out , what happens when the parties over , you know all about it the next day , do n't you , what happens then , its such short lived , its only worth having whilst its coming to you all the time , but that 's not so with a Christian life , because it doe , depend on just the things that we have or the experiences that we go through , because it is something that , that we have within , it is , it is a quality of life that we possess , because we possess the one who is life himself , listen to what Paul says when he 's writing to Timothy in his first letter in chapter six it is command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant or to put their hope in wealth , those who think that , that er in having possessions that is the secret of life or , or in having a good time and , and , and the rest of it that is what life is all about , he said warn them not to do that , because that is so uncertain , he says but to put their hope in god who richly provides us with every thing what for , for our enjoyment , why has god given us these things , why is , why is god even , he is natural creation there for us , it is for our enjoyment , its not to make us miserable or to make us grey and drab and burden by it , it is for us to enjoy , when god created Ada Adam and Eve and put them in the garden , the , they were told to enjoy it , even the fruit enjoy it , its there for your benefit and then the new creation , every thing that god has provided is there for our enjoyment , but the dangers is when that enjoyment , is the reason for living and that 's all we do it for and were so taking up with ourselves , I am gon na have my good time , I 'm gon na enjoy myself as a Christian and I can do it and you can do it , you become insular and we become introverted and the only thing that matters is me having a good time , my world centres around me and me enjoying myself and me having this and me having that , this blessing and that gift and that other blessing , we become self centred and taken up with our own good times , as long as I can be there in the centre , as long as I can go from , from , from this celebration to that celebration , as long as I can go from this er festival to that festival to this special meeting to that one , I 'm gon na have my good time well that was what these fella 's were doing , they were going from tent to tent , from celebration to celebration having a great time and then the truth hit them they were ashamed with what they had done , they said to one another we are not doing right , this days a day of good news , but we are keeping silent , if we wait until morning light punishment will overtake us , now therefore , come , let us go and tell the kings household how guilty are we , how guilty are you , how guilty am I of the sinner silence , remember how we started , its not always the things that we do its often the things that we do n't do , how guilty are we of the sin of silence these men had known nothing , known poverty and , and , and , and starvation , they were amazed at what they 'd found , they 'd became absorbed in what they had got and now they 'd became ashamed of what they had done with it what was the sin that troubled these men they said we are keeping silent .
6 Like Ricky and me clinging on to the past , thought Daisy .
7 My mother did n't feel like being left all that time , so she took my two sisters and me to visit her school friend Beryl , who was married to the poet Robert Graves .
8 Sticking plasters , safety-pins , lipstick , comb , bus pass , piece of string , rubber bands , Vick inhaler , dried rose-hips that I picked last autumn and forgot to plant , and a cracked , yellowing snap of Otley and me roller-skating at Margate .
9 Free , they were , and I can remember one of the Sisters putting them socks and shoes on me , and me yellin' and screamin' like mad and tryin' to take them off .
10 So Grandma and Grandad had one bedroom , Mother , Father and me slept in the other one , and the two brothers slept downstairs .
11 ‘ It 's just that Luke invited Heather and me to join him and his friends for dinner last night .
12 Well whatever — now 's the time , one would have thought , for Tod and me to kick off our shoes and get the feel of the place .
13 A couple of months later he did come to the Hammersmith Odeon with Bernie and me to see them play I could seethe relief on his face when he realised they really were a band .
14 He needed hobdaying and was rather on the temperamental side , so she sent him to Bill and me to see if he had any ability in the dressage sphere . ’
15 Would you like Bigwig and me to go over there first , by ourselves , and report back ? "
16 Just before Christmas , Pogo invited Aubrey and me to go up to Melton Mowbray to hunt .
17 Just before she died , she asked Elizabeth and me to go to her room .
18 Both he and my mother were keen for Thomas and me to go and live with them there , but I preferred to be independent .
19 She found the French mysterious and fascinating and liked to listen to them talking among each other and me to take them off for her afterwards .
20 Du n no yet , I really do n't know , erm well I only popped in Sundays , I 've been going to spend the week , er the other half and me ended up in Littlehampton and Arronale for the day .
21 but they remember which one I did , I think it was that Mothercare one they get grubby with the things and everything and it was a sunny day and I went outside with me bucket and me felt and me scrubbing brush
22 And me stuck here without two pennies to scratch myself with . ’
23 wear out and me throw it away than it still be good and do n't know what to do with it , you know , you 're thinking
24 That day the bones of the brother of my mother who went to the bottom of the sea will rise up through the green waters , and when they meet the air they will take on his flesh again , and he will swim far up into the endless air and he will meet the old man , free of his dust walking in the air , and my mother flying , and me flying , and I will be laughing .
25 ‘ David , this is Comfort , of whom you have heard Anthony and me speak so often . ’
26 Then standing , you bent over and me holding you open … and sometimes , the strange sight of our mirrored selves , limbs and bodies wrapped around each other . ’
27 When she first stood in for Terry Wogan she insisted , ‘ I love standing in for Wogan but I 'm honestly not looking for The Sue Lawley Show with my name in lights and me swooping down a staircase . ’
28 And me buying it from a stall in the flea market only last week . ’
29 Each criterion will be specific enough for Bill and me to judge performance against it without hesitation and to reach the same conclusion , .
30 ‘ Jack and me got married very quietly yesterday afternoon . ’
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