Example sentences of "and [pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 An unpaid tax bill instilled fears into the companies who dealt with Red Rhino and everyone slapped their bills in at the same time .
2 This little Hampshire market town had not been designed for crowds such as these , and everyone kept on getting in everyone else 's way .
3 Someone filled and lit a chillim and everyone gathered round to smoke it , exchanging , now and then , laconic comments about the boar 's escape , musing about what had happened and how different everything could have been if only luck was with them .
4 Er public opinion did n't welcome the overthrow of of the Shah , it was immediately horrified and everyone gathered together to er try and bring about a re- establishment of the Shah .
5 And everyone told me : do n't waste your energy .
6 Thousands of school children , all of them well over sixteen , were crammed there into a large tall gilt room , and told not to insult the French , not to talk to Arabs , and not to go to Montmartre : then an English lady stood up and said that Paris had always been for her a source inépuisable de something , and everyone clapped , and then they were all turned out again , rather quickly , for the room was clearly needed for something else .
7 The record came to an end and everyone clapped and gave high-spirited whoops and whistles .
8 Accommodation is basic , possibly a field centre , small cottage or village hall and everyone takes turns to prepare meals .
9 It 's all ‘ Cherish ’ and ‘ Three Times a Lady ’ and ‘ Deeply Dippy ’ , and everyone takes to the floor , clutching and fondling , their hands lightly patting the buttocks of their partner .
10 ‘ It is a mixed community and everyone takes a great pride in the village .
11 They 've got all spit on them and they 've got food stuck in and everyone takes them out and they go , oh look this is my brace
12 Next day — Sunday , was very hot and everyone went to bed with the windows wide open .
13 The service was held at the chapel and everyone went to the Kirk Inn at Romaldkirk afterwards .
14 At last , the time came and everyone went to bed .
15 The dress rehearsal finally ended at four in the afternoon and everyone went home to rest .
16 And everyone went , what !
17 One long blast on the whistle from Mr. Windust and everyone came to attention on the spot with not a sound to be heard .
18 Two minutes later the door swung open and everyone prepared to sally forth .
19 This creates a good working team spirit and everyone helps everyone else out .
20 ‘ You know , Katie , she 's an old miser and everyone borrows money off her or else they buy the things you knit off her .
21 Yeah but like , I du n no , I can imagine like people like Rob and everyone taking the piss out of people and
22 One minute , you 're holding forth from a pulpit and everyone thinks you 're one hell of a guy .
23 An exhibitor 's put an exhibit up and everyone thinks they can beat it but when they 've gone and left their the exhibitors gone back and put a new lot up … things like that happen .
24 George , 60 , said : ‘ I 've got the President on my locker at work and everyone thinks it is hysterical .
25 Several pupils from both schools said lucidly that there is no fairness in war and everyone suffers .
26 One player is chosen to call out , ‘ Horns , horns , bull 's horns , ’ and everyone taps their knees and puts their fingers to their forehead to make horns at the animal 's name .
27 There were bodies everywhere and everyone seemed to be screaming and crying .
28 Even their religious faith was subtly different from her own : they seemed hemmed in by a regiment of saints , feasts , rules , indulgences , penances and novenas , and everyone seemed to be permanently on guard against saying or doing anything that might be deemed heretical .
29 There were no forks , and everyone seemed to be using either his fingers or a knife .
30 It had been a hard year , the public felt Lauda had been ill done by , and everyone felt that they were seeing the apotheosis of one of the great drivers and the first signs of greatness in his natural successor , Alain Prost .
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