Example sentences of "and [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 When he appears on television or in the media , he pooh-poohs and belittles it , and gives the impression that we are exaggerating the problem .
2 He sat down and beamed his good eye at the shine on his toecap .
3 It both created the revolution and paralysed it .
4 It shocked the earth it slammed into , and those shock waves slammed into the soles of your feet and raged through your body and paralysed your mind .
5 To me , who on a good day just about understood that there was no danger of the water 's getting into the wiring system and fusing everything or worse , and was amazed that the record-player did n't run erratically , the whole set-up was a major miracle .
6 Affliction succeeds in taking the detailing associated with Raymond Carver-style dirty realism and fusing it with the pace of a detective story .
7 The more relevant LIFESPAN forms and outputs you will be seeing are shown in Figure 2.4 .
8 If your hair is fine and limp you should go for a conditioner with body building properties .
9 Remove the dough from the bowl and knead it on a floured board until smooth , about 5 minutes .
10 Once you have analyzed and redefined your list of goals , you are ready to derive a set of objectives for each of your goals .
11 As discussed earlier , this requires schools to prepare pupils for the ‘ experiences and opportunities of adult life ’ and to promote their spiritual , moral , cultural , mental and physical development .
12 The aims of this project are to document those employee development strategies where they exist ; and to promote their articulation , where they do not .
13 Designed to preserve regional languages and to promote their use in education , government , administration , the courts , the media and cultural activities , the convention defined a minority language as one " traditionally spoken " by a group of people " numerically inferior " within the population of any state .
14 I would hope that you would see beyond that , and issues like it , the primary claims of Christ in his Church , to love him and to promote him as Lord of the Church .
15 And perhaps most fundamental of all , we have to try to live and teach according to our ideals , and to promote them , whilst at the same time trying to make a good career within a system that seems at many points to be based on quite antagonistic values .
16 This evidence of strength used by a small country for peaceful purposes and to promote its own self-sufficiency would , he warned , undermine the power of " imperialism " and lay Libya open to attack , especially by the United States .
17 ‘ I 'm here for the Expo and to promote my hotels ; and you ? ’
18 In the early 1970s an organization was established to govern karate on a world scale and to promote it as a new and fascinating sport .
19 She had an eye for talent which they respected , she knew how to pick her designers , and could be relied on to spot a trend developing and to promote it .
20 I felt like murmuring the verses about Judas going out and hanging himself , and that he should go and do likewise , but Benjamin looked so quietly pleased with himself that I bit my tongue .
21 ‘ Have I said something , then ? ’ he asked , taking off his cap and overcoat and hanging them on the door peg .
22 The role of the museum is to present the collection in a fresh way , both showing unfamiliar paintings and hanging them in natural light ’ .
23 Harvest the seeds in July-August by cutting the seedheads just before the first seeds start to fall , and hanging them over a tray in a dry airy place .
24 Dr Losberne , of course , was full of immediate plans to rush round London arresting all the gang and hanging them at once .
25 ‘ Hullo Miss MacPeake , ’ said wee Danny , standing up and hanging his head .
26 ‘ Like some coffee ? ’ said Wilcox , taking her coat and hanging it on the back of the door .
27 She took a towel and hanging it over her arm , she made her way upstairs , her mind spinning with troubled thoughts .
28 There were stacks of old art magazines , a broken easel , the white-painted bough which Elise had brought down at Christmas before trimming and hanging it over the inglenook fireplace .
29 But he was a proper But it was in his back yard , he was killing it and hanging it up in the window there .
30 Shaken off balance by her startling thoughts , Isabel glanced away , stepping out of her gown and hanging it over the table .
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