Example sentences of "be only [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 But it had been only to say some things about her son which it was better that a boy of eleven should n't catch ( 8 ) .
2 His first decision had been only to take on older parts .
3 All of these recommendations , however , are only to give you a first taste of the scope of theatrical writing .
4 If they do recommend an envoy , and if President Clinton were to appoint someone like former President Jimmy Carter , the effect would be only to make the problem worse .
5 Unfortunately , as we have been at pains to argue , to do so would be only to impose our own interpretation of reality on the reader .
6 In London , the community , Bob Colenutt suggests , was never even considered , yet even when , as in the case of Pittsburgh , community involvement is statutory , the outcomes may be only to amplify those within the community ( or coming into the community ) with the greatest resources and power to exploit the local political system .
7 For example , as it is very time-consuming to produce a teaching unit , one approach would be only to accept an idea if it could produce a unit that ; ( i ) can be used by a wide range of teachers whose style of teaching varies a great deal ( ii ) can be of use to a wide age-range of pupils ( iii ) can be of use to a wide ability-range of pupils ( iv ) can encourage work on concepts as well as on content ( v ) may be of use in more than one subject discipline ( vi ) is suitable for demonstration mode with a large class ( vii ) is suitable for small groups or individuals to use ( viii ) can be used to produce further teaching materials ( ix ) can be used in teacher-training .
8 The peasants were only to serve as conscripts , an unpopular exercise that was to prove a continuing weakness of Mohamed Ali 's army .
9 The Hungarians and Belgians broke away from the Italians and the two British crews dropped back and were being closely tailed by Folkesson/Skoldbek at Chertsey although the Swedish crew were only to get as far as Shepperton before blowing up .
10 School meals were only to begin some four years later .
11 Initially , schools were only to have one microcomputer , so there was an argument for making the microcomputer available to the whole school by placing it in the school library .
12 She 's only to give an envelope to Louise .
13 Even if it 's only to give you the confidence you know
14 Matthew 's brown eyes were everywhere ; occasionally they met Wycliffe 's only to flit away again .
15 I mention that not in any boastful sense it 's only to reassure you that if I can do that then I , I ca n't be very much out of giving the wrong gen .
16 That 's only to advertise the place though is n't it ?
17 You recognise the anger you feel against your parents , but at this stage there 's little point in contacting them if it 's only to unload your bitterness .
18 Er , certainly I 'm sure Rachel shares her information , even if it 's only to say , you ca n't watch that because something else is on Channel Four at the same time .
19 It 's only to create an impression when you 're doing it in the day time .
20 It 's only to get rid of junk though mind .
21 Yeah it 's only to keep the itching under control .
22 Er , well it 's only to protect that .
23 They 've liaised with other organisations to make sure I 've got somebody coming in , even if it 's only to make me something to eat .
24 To claim that explanation in geography can go no further is only to say that it is inadequate to its task , and ignores the fact that many geographers are going further :
25 They exist ‘ merely as a means ’ which is only to say that , lacking language and self-consciousness , they are unable to plan and debate projects of their own as do moral agents .
26 does she agree that there 's something bizarre in er I certainly agree successful experiment it bringing to an end because it 's a successful experiment , er clearly the policy is only to continue with unsuccessful experiments .
27 and I considered whether it would be wise to write about the early history , but as my purpose is only to demonstrate .
28 The important point here , as everywhere , is only to use it when it is appropriate .
29 Both topics covered have been studied in much greater depth than we have space to discuss here , but our intention is only to illustrate the breadth of applicability of the B & B philosophy .
30 One of the great bonuses of The Third Age is time — time to spare for other people , even if it is only to listen to what they have to say .
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