Example sentences of "be for [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 How glad I am for them !
2 I can see how hopelessly unsuitable I am for you ; all I ever do is misunderstand what you say , and weep .
3 " But think how good I am for you .
4 What a tragedy that must have been for them all .
5 At the same time , some women in the older generation believed that they were a less significant source of advice and support for their daughters than their own mothers had been for them , and all were concerned to ensure that their support did not amount to ‘ interference ’ ( Blaxter and Paterson , 1982 , especially pp. 174–9 ) .
6 ‘ The ideal thing would have been for them to keep to their offer of a two-year deal and I would have signed it before the final .
7 Had it not been for them we would not have known such beautiful places existed .
8 The England that Pound mourns the loss of is , as it had been for him from the first , an integral province of western Europe , sharing a common culture with France and always reaching out , through France , to the shores of the Mediterranean .
9 But before we jump to the conclusion that Pound had simply had a brainstorm , or had been trapped by misplaced compassion for Dunning as a lame duck , we ought to consider another possibility — that imagism , and Pound 's endorsement of Ford 's insistence on ‘ the prose tradition ’ , had never been for him more than an aberration , though in the short term a very profitable one , from a way of feeling that impelled him always toward the cantabile , a proclivity that would , in the interests of melody , tolerate notably eccentric diction .
10 ‘ Gentle , indeed ! ’ she said ‘ And if I were as gentle in the market as I have been for him at home , how does he think I would manage ? ’
11 If it had n't been for him , I would have had a bad time because I hated school . ’
12 He thought back to how it had been for him last winter .
13 His deterioration through Alzheimer 's Disease with its abundant frustrations had long been for him a physical and mental martyrdom .
14 After all , if it had n't been for Him , she would n't have a lovely daughter .
15 His heroics prompted disappointed Hammers striker Clive Allen to admit : ‘ If it had n't been for him , we would have won . ’
16 Nor would she have been , if it had not been for him .
17 If it had n't been for him I 'd not have reached the standards that I 've achieved , ’ said Zara .
18 I 'm sure it was , Patrick grinned as he walked down the corridor and climbed the half-dozen steps from the servants ' quarters up to the hall ; he had seen the look on the butler 's face , and knew how uncomfortable it had been for him .
19 Had it not been for him and his colleagues at the National Trust many old and historical buildings would have suffered .
20 Blanche thought she detected a flicker of self-satisfaction , as though she had confirmed what had been for him until then just a suspicion .
21 We did not appreciate at the time what a wrench leaving the Weir House must have been for him , nor the difficulty he had in adjusting himself to four assertive stepsons he hardly knew .
22 He had seen how entirely wrong it had been for him to have assumed that Beatrice Throgmorton would look twice at him .
23 He paused and gave her an intense look that revealed a little of how it had been for him .
24 ‘ I would never have been a dancer or believed I could do anything if it had not been for him , ’ said Crawford .
25 They would n't exist if it had n't been for him .
26 If it had not been for him we would all be dead and there would n't be anybody telling this .
27 Intuitively she felt the depths of the anguish he 'd suffered , knew without having to be told how hard he had struggled to help his sister , understood how devastating it must have been for him to realise she 'd gone beyond his help .
28 I have no doubt that a major influence in forcing him to make what must have been for him a most distasteful and humiliating manoeuvre , was a letter sent by a number of Durham county councillors to a local newspaper in reply to an article penned by Mr Fallon in the previous week 's issue .
29 and if it had n't been for him I would n't have them ,
30 He took himself off , illogically cursing Emily Groundwater ; if it had not been for her he would have been in a warm bed , with Bible Willie breathing beside him .
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