Example sentences of "be for [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I want to show you how grateful I am for that . ’
2 If the choice now is between shoring up a democratically bankrupt Westminster or standing up for the restoration of Scottish democracy , then I am for Scottish democracy .
3 The trend of things had been for agricultural land to go out of production because it was easier to earn a living working in Israel .
4 Yeah I ai n't been for blooming ages .
5 Had the recommendation been for industrial action and the crews voted against , I have no doubt Mr Clarke would have applauded the triumph of democracy .
6 About 90 per cent of development in the zones has been for industrial or warehouse use .
7 This needs materials scientists , whose contribution is likely to be as decisive for biosensor research as it has been for mainstream biomaterials research .
8 The chief way out of this difficulty has been for empirical studies to focus on surrogates for power , rather than directly on the exercise of power itself .
9 Detailing the " ruthless " abuse of human rights against opponents of the regime , the report said that many executions were officially described as having been for drug-trafficking offences , adding that prisoners had no recourse to legal counsel or right to appeal .
10 Had the Pages ' passion been for Lalique glass , the family might have felt constrained to creep about gingerly on tiptoe .
11 I would have died too if it had n't been for that telegraph pole . ’
12 Sad though that may have been for that particular patient , there was a positive side , the cancer never reappeared .
13 ‘ Had it not been for that publication Sally might have avoided that almost overwhelming sea of troubles which resulted from harmlessly intended praise . ’
14 His first feelings of love had been for that gloriously liberated and beautiful tomboy .
15 And doubtless there would have been many more had it not been for that unfortunate accident which befell Mr Rabbit in Mr MacGregor 's garden whereby he ended up in one of Mrs MacGregor 's rabbit pies .
16 ‘ owing to the presence of which ’ This point is normally covered in any witness statement that might be available , viz. ‘ I saw four vehicles were involved etc. ’ or ‘ if it had not been for that vehicle the accident would not have happened ’ .
17 And I 'll tell you somethin' else : your mother would n't have died if it had n't been for that man . ’
18 We might have had it all , had it not been for that One . ’
19 ‘ If it had n't been for that you 'd never have found us . ’
20 If it had n't been for that you 'd have reached Shipton and been on a train by now . ’
21 Well what would the original Gaelic have been for that ?
22 Buddy would have been 56 this year and no doubt raving on even now had it not been for that fateful February in 1959 … the day the music died .
23 erm The response has been for that authority then to groin its bit of beach , and so we end up with a situation today where along the Sussex coast practically the whole of the coast is groined , except for the areas which are backed by high cliffs , erm where we have the sorts of rates of erosion that I mentioned .
24 These little shrubs are also known as ‘ hedgehog ’ hollies , and probably have been for all of the 300 years they have been grown in gardens .
25 It was in Schiaparelli that she met Tricarico , who brought her aboard the Resplendent Trogon , which led her into the presence of Balthazar Plum — and if it had n't been for all that , she would never have acquired the Alice in the first place .
26 Hardwick 's involvement might have ended there , if it had not been for one of the tradesmen , who addressed a petition to the Company nine months later : his original estimate of £2,514 18 1¼d had left him bearing a loss of £266 6 3¾d .
27 Had it not been for one other factor , it seems likely that the combined pressures upon English both from inside and outside the discipline might well have caused it to accommodate itself more directly to the service of " vocationalism " , and " social responsibility " , and thus the needs of interdisciplinary and applied work .
28 Tribunals might well have continued to develop without any critical analysis of their impact on the administration of justice , had it not been for one of those incidents of poor administration whose wider implications can not be ignored .
29 Although the triple junctions identified in Africa , including those along the continental margin as well as those in the interior , have variously evolved by spreading along one , two or all three rift arms , the most common sequence has been for one arm to remain inactive and form an aulacogen , with spreading occurring along the other two ( Fig. 4.13 ) .
30 Oddly enough I may never have had an operational tour had it not been for one of these fellow travellers .
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