Example sentences of "be [adv] [conj] " in BNC.

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1 The Tachykinins are a family of biologically active neuropeptides that are widely but selectively distributed in both the central and the peripheral nervous systems , where they may function as neurotransmitters ( 1 ) .
2 They are condemned as signs of unclear or lazy thinking — and , indeed , when they are overused or inappropriately used ( as in a wall of political hedging erected by a defensive politician ) — they are widely and justifiably attacked .
3 My peers are more tolerant , more willing to accept me for what I am rather than for what I might produce or become in the hierarchy .
4 Like farming , at a time when vines and corn grew haphazardly here and there but were not cultivated , philosophy has never been properly and methodically developed .
5 Hamilton played well , Palace won 2–1 and his claim for a first team place had been properly and completely justified .
6 I believe that the Bill , as it goes to another place , has been properly and fully scrutinised on Second Reading and in Committee — as will be shown in Hansard .
7 Their case is that if they had been properly and correctly advised as they were entitled to be under the contract , they would not have proceeded to exchange or to completion .
8 Current hyper-text systems have been widely and effectively used on relatively small data volumes .
9 Why ca n't people accept things for what they are rather than going all out to destroy the things they do n't agree with ?
10 The belief is unjustified because nothing that you can point to suggests that you are rather than are not a brain in a vat .
11 It also emphasizes the importance of readings in which fictional texts are recognized for what they are rather than being treated as truth claims or pronouncements about the world .
12 So in other words is our F T E consistent with where we actually are rather than where we thought we 'd be erm or have we got erm you know er the Parkinson 's law , been operating with the , the overtime , people are used to doing it and therefore they keep doing it and so on .
13 But even if it is n't , it is far better to start with a concise piece of information which can be built up into a bigger story if the circumstances are right than to send out a wordy release which is immediately discarded .
14 And of course you are right that this must be about happiness . ’
15 Gaston and Mound are right that in taxonomy , as in science in general , the drive comes from individuals .
16 If Roll and Ross ( 1984 ) are right that there are only four basic economic forces , and that these are the four forces listed in chapter 1 , then estimation of an SBU 's required yield could be attempted by examining the likely sensitivity of the projected SBU returns with just these factors ( inflation , aggregate production , risk premia and the term structure of interest rates ) .
17 All creatures communicate only in the manner to which they are instinctively and inwardly programmed .
18 Large chunks of the course are downhill and the course record is held by Luton 's Neil Tennant at 1:02:39 , set in 1988 .
19 Patrick peeled back the blankets , examining the bandages ; they had been professionally and properly tied and applied .
20 The promontory itself dissolves on the seaward side into rocks and inlets , including the delightful cove of the Plage du Port-Vieux , a sheltered bathing place recommended ‘ for persons who are weakly or unaccustomed to the sea ’ as my old Baedeker considerately puts it .
21 The problems arise in determining how both tasks are effectively and humanely carried out .
22 I think that er we are probably some years of and therefore whilst we make indulge our service in the next few moments it each other er we are eventually and then perhaps going through a convenient route er and thrashing out some sort of profit margin .
23 However , it is important that training sessions are properly and sensibly structured .
24 Successful committee members are properly and thoroughly prepared for the meetings they attend .
25 Stock management is a very important factor in ensuring that the printed collections are properly and reliably controlled , and are available for readers whenever they wish to consult them .
26 When her cloak was removed in the Rectory hall and she went into the drawing-room which had been lavishly and clumsily decorated by the children on precisely the principle Alexandra had used in dressing , they crowded round her with gasps of delight and wonder .
27 In the following , I shall argue that while this distinction is a vital conceptual ingredient in any meaningful references to object-topics qua ontological existents , it can not be " explained " in terms of the criteria under which such existents are numerically and qualitatively re-identified and distinguished from one another .
28 The aim that we set ourselves was to analyse the idea of a numerical , as distinct from a purely qualitative , diversity of existents ; to clarify , that is , what is involved in assuming the possibility of there being a plurality of self-subsistent particulars that are numerically and not just qualitatively distinguishable from each other .
29 In 1981 , the fishing industry lobbied for changes in the Act , asserting that the goal of zero mortality would be satisfied by the ‘ application of safety techniques and equipment that are economically and technologically feasible . ’
30 The therapeutic response must be tailored to these needs if we are economically and effectively to use our resources .
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