Example sentences of "be [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 That between DOCTOR and PATIENT and between DOCTOR and CLINICAL SESSION are one-to-many relationships .
2 anything in my life and then I am that boy
3 I am that specialist . ’
4 Losing his temper , Howard roared , ‘ I am that man .
5 J E Nicholson ( Points of View , 10 February ) can stop wondering who ‘ the man on the tricycle is and where he is going ’ , as I am that man .
6 I wish you and your staff to know how sorry I am that Punch is to be no more .
7 The signs , so far , are that Liberty can feel reassured .
8 The chances are that home buyers at Meggetland View in Edinburgh will be rugby fans .
9 However , the only things which are spelt out are that development can not go on without them , the fact that new skills will be introduced and the fact that incomers might form a catalyst for the rejuvenation of local voluntary groups .
10 Hambledon District Council believes that insufficient regard has been payed erm to these issues erm in the structure plan alteration , in paragraph thirty three the P P G sets down a list of criteria erm to which local authorities er should refer erm , I 'll erm refer specifically to er to three of them and I and and comeback to them as I go through erm erm what I want to say , erm the first one I draw that I would draw the panel 's attention to is erm that the alternative of the expansion of existing towns or villages should represent a less satisfactory method at providing the land for housing that is needed , and it 's a rhetorical question really here , erm and w we would ask that erm if there has n't been a comparative appraisal erm of the two options , and how could there be , there 's no erm district or areas been identified , how can we be certain that one option is better than another under the terms of that er criterion , erm the oth second point we would draw the panel 's attention is that the proposal is a clear expression of local preference supported by the local planning authorities , and again I would emphasize there that Hambledon District Council objects , and the third one is the option of a new settlement in preference to the alternative would result in positive environmental improvements , and I 'll return to that erm briefly in relation to er to Hambledon , P P G twelve erm paragraph six one four that 's been referred to it , includes a check list of issues against which areas in for new development in general er need to be er considered , with particular reference for reducing the need for travel , erm amongst these issues that the P P G asked the Councils to take into account erm are that development should make full and effective use of land within existing urban areas , that developments er should consider development patterns that are closely related to public transport net networks , and in relation to housing , and that housing is located in such a way as to minimize car use for journeys to work , school , and other local facilities , P P G thirteen , and I would expect erm I would agree with what Mr Donson has said here , is that it it 's draft and obviously one has to put the appropriate weight on it , but erm this reinforces and expands upon erm established government policy , reducing the need for travel , erm I do n't think it 's necessary for me to go into er the quotes in detail , I think that those have been er been touched on , erm , however , I would say erm that Hambledon District Council believes that the advice in draft P P G thirteen is much less supportive of new settlements , it suggests that greater weight must be given to the environmental implications of the additional traffic generated by new settlements erm this is , erm we believe , particularly important in view of the fact that a new settlement for York is unlikely to be self contained , and by its nature many of the residents will still look to York for essential services , social links , and employment , turning to the residual requirement , erm we have a concern over this , erm clearly a new settlement is intended to mop up any residual requirement which the er policy sets at fourteen hundred dwellings , we 've heard evidence from York today that er the city can accommodate erm more erm houses than was originally envisaged , which brings the residual requirement to erm about the minimum size specified by the County Council as being erm about the right level erm to make a s a new settlement self supporting , however , we would point out that there is still the possibility of erm further peripheral development around York , the greenbelt local plan and Southern Ryedale local plan er have not yet been statutory adopted , the inspector has n't reported on those , we do n't know what he 's going to say about sites er which were at issue , or on the need for flexibility between the inner erm boundary of the greenbelt and the city , irrespective of course of what the inspector says , erm being not yet statutory adopted the County and Ryedale will still have the opportunity to consider , reconsider there policies there , but putting that aside for the present , erm even if it is established that er the requirement for nine thousand seven hundred houses erm ca n't a occupied by er can be accommodated by er peripheral development , erm this does n't it does n't necessarily follow that the answer has to be a new settlement , we heard yesterday in erm great detail that erm environmental considerations have justified a reduction in the rate of development in other districts , erm in the county , I would point out that a relatively modest reduction erm in the inward migration to Ryedale , Selby , and York , could mop up the residual requirement , if one looks at erm the reasons for the greenbelt it is perhaps surprising that given the importance attached to maintaining its historic form and character that this is not an issue erm that 's been considered .
11 Further recommendations are that development should be more carefully controlled , and that national park authorities should also be given the power to control forestry activities within the park areas .
12 Additional hurdles are that company filing requirements are not always complied with and powers to enforce such requirements do not always exist in national law .
13 Now imagine that you 're not sitting watching in your comfortable stalls seat : you are that character .
14 This group 's main interests are that privatisation should be speeded up and that privatised companies should have the same rights as state-owned rivals .
15 I do n't think they are that type of band anyway .
16 Without discounting the possibility that sources may yet be found in the mountains of China , present indications are that jade was already reaching China in Neolithic times by the route followed during the Bronze Age and down to the time of Sir Aurel Stein 's travels in inner Asia at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries .
17 Alternative models are that support is protective against depression only when people have disturbing events or living circumstances and otherwise is unrelated to depression , as suggested by Brown and Harris ( Figure 4.3B ) .
18 Granted that the whole of history may have a meaning , a purpose and a direction — and granted , too , the power and fruitfulness of many of Hegel 's ideas — are that purpose and direction so easily uncovered as he suggests ?
19 I do not know , but I do know that many homosexuals have not chosen to be homosexual but simply are that way .
20 Of course , not all dealers are that way inclined .
21 Do n't worry about the purple prose ( unless you are that way inclined ) , as the programme editors will be amalgamating all the information into one article , which we hope will be of interest to all Society members whether or not they are able to come to the Fairfield Hall .
22 You get your wardrobe , its feet are that way on , you get each side of it , you put it on there and its bottom of the wardrobe rests on top of the ladder .
23 Alternative views of the matter are that competition policy should be guided by some broader notion of the public interest , including perhaps non-economic social objectives , or that competition , per se , should be promoted .
24 They are that kind of car and if you look at £80,000 and how long it 'll last you and see how many £15,000 cars you 'll buy in that time , we 're probably bargains .
25 The advantages are that manufacturing costs ( and final retail prices ) are kept down marginally , and the batteries are less likely to be affected by damp .
26 My conclusions are that work which looks to family law as instrument is inadequate ; the ‘ school-rules concept ’ of law overlooks law 's part in representing and naturalizing ‘ the way things are ’ ; law 's self-denying ordinance in relation to the personal and the private is a cultural construct and not an inevitable element of ideas of law or justice .
27 The weaknesses of this approach are that work absenteeism is under-reported in professional occupations , different jobs can be performed with different degrees of ill-health , attitudes to work can sometimes override states of ill-health , particularly of the minor type , and above all , a large proportion of the population is not in the labour force , so their illness goes totally unrecorded .
28 All the indications are that man 's efforts successfully to modify and refine the product of the evolutionary process by the introduction of civilisation , have been almost destroyed by the tangled mass of religious absurdity and rubbish which he has allowed to enter into it , and reduce it to but a tragic travesty of what it should be .
29 The important points to remember are that pipe runs from the hot water cylinder should be kept as short and as direct as possible to avoid heat loss — and a long wait at the tap before hot water arrives .
30 The two most important messages emerging from that guide are that stress is a permanent aspect of life and is not peculiar to the education service .
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