Example sentences of "be [vb pp] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 A much more likely explanation of Libet 's findings is simply that all experiences are delayed relative to the stimulus causing them , so that synchronous external events produce synchronous experiences .
2 When viewed at visible wavelengths the Cytherean clouds are rather featureless , and are tinged yellow , perhaps by small quantities of sulphur .
3 We do n't want to find ourselves with any comic exposure unless all the parameters have been examined in-depth . ’
4 But that rescue mission had been stopped dead by the presence of the twenty thousand Frenchmen encamped in Frasnes who had been sent by the Emperor to make sure that the allied armies did not combine .
5 Gods messages , imparted to him in visions , are embodied in the Loran are gathered political or legal revelations as well as spiritual ones .
6 The ministry 's brief would be to ‘ make sure women 's voices are heard loud and clear in the very centre of power ’ .
7 Strange sounds are heard live over the loud speaker monitors , some times spoiling the recordings .
8 Dividends are automatically calculated net of tax , but coupons are calculated gross and have to be adjusted .
9 Given that resources are managed , hierarchy is explained by gains from allowing people to specialize according to their comparative advantage : in particular , those with a comparative advantage in deciding how to coordinate the diverse resources used in the firm and how to adjust this coordination in response to unforeseen changes , are assigned specialist managerial roles .
10 From the six potential exemplars three films were chosen of each junction , one low risk , one medium risk and one high risk , the three levels of exemplar risk are assigned relative to the junction mean again using the mean risk rating from Study 2 .
11 Push the pictured tiles around the playing area , matching like with like and making them disappear — when two similar designs are placed adjacent to each other , they 're destroyed .
12 Differential facets are subfacets which are placed adjacent to specific facets to which they apply ; they are not generally used with all of the facets in the scheme .
13 Because certain textbooks are in great demand , colleges often set aside a student reading room in which are placed multiple copies of textbooks that have been recommended by the lecturers .
14 HER hands are placed flat and squarely on her lap in a tidy yet tight pose .
15 Flowers will look at their best if bulbs are placed close together in the bowl , but they must not touch each other .
16 Publication of this long-awaited new guide has been delayed due to unforeseen production problems , outwith control of the publishers — the Scottish Mountaineering Trust .
17 Scheduled to begin on Aug. 30 , the talks had been delayed due to North Korea 's refusal , at an unofficial contact between foreign ministry officials prior to the talks , to respond to Japan 's repeated call for information about a Japanese woman known as Li Un Hye , who had allegedly been kidnapped by North Korea to tutor the former North Korean agent convicted of the 1987 bombing of a South Korean passenger plane [ see p. 35905 ] .
18 The production of up-to-date Class Lists has been delayed due to the tardy response of teachers to requests for current details .
19 Babies in high nitrate areas are given bottled water .
20 Unless you are given convincing reasons for not doing so , insist on a reduction
21 Juveniles who do not respond to ‘ mediation and reparation ’ are given one-to-one counselling , encouraged to focus on their crime and discover ways of avoiding re-offending .
22 Banks financing oil and gas pipeline projects are given similar guarantees by means of through-put agreements which set the minimum usage of the facility by the various contracting parties .
23 In a democratic approach , all sources of knowledge are given similar roles in the control structure .
24 And USPCA director Robin Wilson warned that thousands of sheep are at risk unless they are given immediate shelter .
25 Nevertheless , they are given equal prominence in the New Testament , and should be given equal weight as images of God .
26 For lack of a better alternative , all patterns matching the position are given equal credit .
27 Time of Submission The time of submission of the application within the date set by the UCAS is not important ; all candidates are given equal consideration .
28 Time of Submission The time of submission of the application within the dates set by UCAS is not important ; all candidates are given equal consideration .
29 Since the contributors to the literature on the new classical macroeconomics rarely take the trouble to furnish a fully articulated theory of the firm in which cost shocks are given equal prominence with demand shocks , one is entitled to take what they have to say on short-run supply responses with a large fistful of salt .
30 A strategy is to be drawn up so environmental issues are given equal priority , and to ensure the council 's response is consistent .
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