Example sentences of "be [prep] [be] " in BNC.

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1 The recreational vehicles — Vauxhall is sensitive about calling them off-roaders — are familiar ; in Japan and in the US they 're the short-wheelbase Isuzu Amigo and the long-wheelbase five-door Rodeo , but in the UK they 're to be the Vauxhall Frontera Sport and Frontera respectively .
2 ‘ You 'll need a good wig if you 're to be Hedda 's long-haired poet . ’
3 There 's work in plenty if we 're to be finished on time .
4 They 're to be blamed , not pitied . ’
5 The league recently relaxed the overseas-player rules for the Crusaders — before they were allowed only five imports , three more than other teams , now they 're to be allowed 10 .
6 We 're to be guests of Herkimer for tea . ’
7 Please sir , Axl 's doctor said we 're to be nice to him because he comes from a broken home and he has to wear a kilt .
8 ‘ And for that you 're to be pitied Aggie . ’
9 And if you 're to try and fill her shoes , which I very much doubt you 'll ever do , but if you 're to be even half the woman that she was , may God have mercy on her , then you 'll need all the reminding I can give you . ’
10 It 's all one to me but time 's getting on and your Auntie 'll want you back early if you 're to be up at crack of dawn in the morning . ’
11 But this does n't take into account the capital equipment you need if you 're to be self-sufficient .
12 " We 're to be parents . "
13 A new little contraption we want to try out , so you 're to be a guinea pig .
14 They 're to be kept in my library .
15 ‘ Well , David , we 'd better be off if we 're to be back in time for this afternoon 's session . ’
16 If we 're to be , if we end up being audited on that , then we will fail the audit because we do not do that .
17 We 're to be civilisers , settlers , land-holders , indeed ; men like the ancient heroes , who founded cities and gave laws and trade to the world as a gift .
18 " You 're to be good with Mummy , " he 'd commanded the twins after breakfast .
19 ‘ As I say , this is supposed to be Top Secret , but you 'd better know if you 're to be any help .
20 ‘ We 're to be married in two weeks ’ time , ’ Alyssia informed her , settling into one of the chairs with Piers 's arm protectively resting behind her shoulders .
21 They 're to be married in May in Dingle . ’
22 They 're to be married soon in the same chapel where Boz was married . ’
23 They 're to be married in the small church that Christian built , next to my cottage . ’
24 So with those erm policy points and those questions about the ab ability of migrants to outbid locals , and the ac housing access issue , I would erm suggest that if they 're to be accepted by the panel , then more information is .
25 ‘ When my noble and learned brother gives his Judgment , they 're to be let go free , ’ said Krook , winking at us again .
26 In his speech er in that debate the honourable member for Edinburgh central and the bench er in his place today , er welcomed the government 's acceptance of Sir Thomas ' and the select committee 's recommendation and agreed er that it was in his words , important that the statutory duty of auditors ought to be clear so that er to use his colourful phrase , if whistles are to be blown they 're to be blown without doubt .
27 ‘ Well , judging from the size of the village , there may well be room for us if we 're to be content with small animals only , but I 'm afraid we 'll never get any farm work .
28 But when they 're to be ground up for fish meal it makes no difference .
29 The arches will never be seen in their original form again ; To preserve them against the increased exposure to the elements which lowering the water level will bring , they 're to be sprayed with a fine layer of protective concrete , leaving no visible sign of their remarkable survival .
30 Three years after publisher Robert Maxwell sacked twenty one journalists from the Pergamon Press company , it 's been announced tonight that they 're to be paid thousands of pounds in compensation.The deal brings to an end one of the longest runing disputes in British trade union history .
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