Example sentences of "be [adv] that " in BNC.

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1 And of course you are right that this must be about happiness . ’
2 Gaston and Mound are right that in taxonomy , as in science in general , the drive comes from individuals .
3 If Roll and Ross ( 1984 ) are right that there are only four basic economic forces , and that these are the four forces listed in chapter 1 , then estimation of an SBU 's required yield could be attempted by examining the likely sensitivity of the projected SBU returns with just these factors ( inflation , aggregate production , risk premia and the term structure of interest rates ) .
4 The astrologer had been right to warn her off , had been right that his heart was tied up elsewhere .
5 As I say , I would like you to be in fairly close proximity to where I am so that you can see what I 'm doing and hear what I 'm saying .
6 It 's unfair for another reason : most of the walkers , climbers and cavers that come to the Dales , the Lakes and the mountains come because they love them , because they respect them and care for them and want to keep them the way they are so that the people of the future can enjoy the wildness and the greatness of the earth .
7 And , as always , telling us where you are so that we can keep sending you our mailings and the next edition of The Birmingham Magazine .
8 Now why I mean do you think it matters that these things are so that these things are so , that these things which we thought were in , you know private to you , and not available to other people so easily , why do you think it matters that they actually are apparently in return for mo payment , are available to anyone ?
9 I did , you 'll have to forgive me , I mean I think for the sake of those who were not at the meeting erm what we should really say is that actually said that he wanted to hear what kind of a parish we are so that he could attempt to match the , the incoming priest with you know the need of the parish .
10 What I would like is for all the Councillors to look at this , to advise me which other seats they think are indeed the responsibility of and then I 'll go back and go to battle but er I 'd like everybody 's views on which ones they believe they are so that I can do it firmly .
11 ‘ They should stay where they are so that Ulster people can continue to enjoy the excellent facilities and services available . ’
12 The BBC documentary that alerted people in Britain to the implication of the silicon chip ( Ed Goldwyn 's Now the Chips are Down that we mentioned in Chapter 1 ) ended with the alarming questions :
13 had been so that
14 The basic requirements of the rule of law , therefore , are merely that a system of law , understood as lex , exists as a result of the establishment of legislative , executive and judicial offices .
15 In past decades the roof void in most houses has been just that : a black , dusty hole in which to dump unused goods out of sight .
16 In that moment , she almost broke down and told him she loved him desperately , for she could see , finally , that all her pretences in Thailand of his capacity for emotion had been just that : pretences .
17 He was so dazed by all he had just been through that he could n't think straight .
18 In the UK , the institutional mechanics are broadly that a government 's intended expenditure plans for the coming four years are drawn up in the autumn of each year , with the upcoming year being the dominant period for consideration .
19 Would it be done in the first year of a Labour Government , in the first Labour Parliament , or in two or three terms , or will there be an exchange rate mechanism-type growing process whereby we get used to the idea over 10 or 15 years and the Scots can have it immediately because they are culturally and politically ready for it , but the people of the north , who are not that bothered , will have to wait 15 years until they see the advantages that will supposedly accrue to Scotland and then will mount the barricades and demand the same for themselves ?
20 Federal budget requests are just that : requests .
21 Whilst surely representing the pinnacle of guitar mass-production ( 500,000 per year sometimes ) you 're right that only a small percentage seem to have survived in the UK .
22 And although you 're right that they 've been selling flowers for a long time , they underwent a massive re-fit recently .
23 We 're , we 're , I mean we 're not we 're not that bothered really .
24 But it 's a compliment it 's a compliment from the company saying we 've got a looking people that we 're quite that people can you know .
25 It was so scary coming you know all them years staying at home you lose all your confidence and it 's a very very good way and I recommend all women to do that who are like me children and have been home that long .
26 Teachers in today 's schools and colleges have to concern themselves with a bewildering multiplicity of factors ; some of them were hinted at in preceding chapters and there are more that were ignored because they were not directly relevant to our theme .
27 The motives for seeking office are partly that the life of a backbench MP soon becomes unsatisfactory and offers so little scope for achievement , for registering even the smallest impact on a restricted area of.public life , that the average MP looks with envy on any minister who has a positive job to perform , however limited the field .
28 Sausage rolls or something Yes that 's er had a for that we cou we stopped there at I 've never been up that wa that way at that 's about the farthest north I 've been one of these coaches erm two , two , two or three times and er and er I 'd seen that Betty 's on er on television before .
29 It may have been now that Ermold was returned to his beloved Aquitaine , and favour at Pippin 's court .
30 Twenty years ago I would have been back that same night , but I 've learned since then that it is rare indeed to enjoy a repeat performance .
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