Example sentences of "be [noun] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 The examples of ( 32 ) are simply associatives , as treated above in Chapter 2 : ( 32 ) a criminal lawyer subterranean explorer electrical worker 6.6 This leaves us with a small number of other phrases such as those in ( 33 ) , which turn out to be worth further investigation : ( 33 ) a true poet our late president a sheer fraud a real friend the future king my old school We certainly agree that there is an intuitively different " feel " to these , and a few others which can be found in the corps of English adjectives , and we would agree also that this has something to do with the distinction between referent ( or entity ) and sense ; however , we can not agree with Bolinger 's verdict that they are adjectives which qualify sense only .
2 Possibly they are birds which have failed to breed successfully and have assembled here to moult .
3 The following are strategies which can be employed .
4 This chapter has tried to suggest that the poor image project work seems to have as a teaching method is not a necessary one , and that there are strategies which teachers and schools can employ to ensure that it becomes purposeful and systematic .
5 What they must consciously develop are strategies which will enable the same degree of information exchange with other culture and language groups through an interpreter .
6 But theirs are reasons which apply to them and which do not depend on , i.e. are not meant to reflect , reasons which apply to their subjects .
7 No description of the ammonoids is complete without mentioning the heteromorphs These are forms which abandoned the usual plane spiral mode of coiling , and instead became partially or even completely uncoiled , or became twisted in some other fashion .
8 This would be managed by those with an understanding that research and development are investments which produce a return , not merely a cost .
9 Even one would be good enough for there are riders who have been racing for years and have never gone well here . ’
10 These are skills which can be simulated in the classroom , but teacher and learner need to work through situations together in the real world , so that learner can receive the support she needs .
11 These are skills which departments should be adept at developing .
12 The skills involved in drafting work , examining what has been written and thinking about what has been written in relation to the original purpose of the assignment are skills which teachers stress heavily .
13 If someone has learned how to operate a word-processor or complete an accurate and intelligible technical drawing then it may be that these are skills he can build upon and will not have to relearn .
14 Both family planning and soil conservation are activities which governments attempt to get people to undertake .
15 Walking and swimming are activities which can be as gentle or as vigorous as you care to make them .
16 These are activities which we would be unable to perform without a detailed knowledge of their personal circumstances , and trying to persuade them auditing is even necessary or that anything has changed since Uncle Albert 's day , is nigh on impossible and certainly not an adequate reason for an additional fee .
17 His past is made up very largely of futures — plans , expectations , anxieties , fantasies , dreams and visions — but they are futures which are closed : every forward thought is stalked by death .
18 These are generalities which describe a culture only now properly coming into view .
19 However , these are generalities which should not be allowed to prejudice us .
20 They hint that there are secrets which can only be divulged and discussed with those who have also been there …
21 However , many Type A organizations are monopolies which challenge the validity of this argument .
22 ‘ The way things are suits us both .
23 These are suits you can push to the limit .
24 there are mum there 's another big piece coming for ya
25 Princey and Dukey , here are mum you 'll probably do it better than me Prince and Duke and pussy cats
26 These are titles I cherish and do not intend to give up easily .
27 The issue , shortly stated , is whether there are touchings which do not qualify as treatment so that consent may be irrelevant .
28 Yes , there are times we should cut the crap and get on with the ‘ real ’ issues of starvation and disease , but to dismiss all problems of prejudice and inequality as whining self-pity is callous beyond belief .
29 There are times we dream you back to being
30 I tell you , Rose , there are times I wish Araminta had married Quatt , and welcome . ’
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