Example sentences of "be [prep] [det] " in BNC.

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1 You were also , probably , drunk , but how you got drunk , or where you had been between that first moment of reacquaintance with yourself and now , was a mystery .
2 Following the uprising and the overthrow of the legitimate government , whatever common interest there had been between these groups ceased and they began to fight each other .
3 In broad terms , the division has been between those who see an accumulation of reforms and a gradual erosion of bourgeois dominance as leading to a situation in which a relatively easy and peaceful transition to a socialist society will be achieved ; and those who regard reforms largely as mere palliatives , value the struggle for reforms mainly for its effect in developing working-class consciousness and organization , and envisage the achievement of socialism as a more abrupt event ensuing from a more or less violent final confrontation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat .
4 I have been through such a storm before , and it is the gusting that is most dangerous . ’
5 The Liberal Democratic Party has been through many name changes since the 1987 election .
6 Neil Young , the love-lorn introspective warbler , has , like every other Neil Young , been through many changes .
7 These shrubs were cut of fat ground level so that stools developed from which new shoots emerged — the stools can therefore be of very great age , having been through many cycles of cutting .
8 ‘ I have n't been drinking , Harvey , ’ she said patiently , as if this was a dialogue they had been through many times before .
9 A former senior minister who has been through many spending rounds says we take them all much too seriously , they are merely a mating ritual , he says , adding , and a barren one at that , no offspring .
10 But may have been through that earlier .
11 ‘ No , Charlie , of course you can ‘ t , we 've been through that .
12 Bull has now failed to score for seven games but Turner said : ‘ There is not a striker in the country who has not been through that sort of spell . ’
13 By the time he had been through that and was ready to return , Jennifer had been married and divorced and was almost a stranger again .
14 In November , he warned that if the likes of IBM and DEC did n't implement drastic measures they 'd go through ‘ Holy Heck ’ — DG has been through that and if the company is confident about one thing , it is that the worst is over .
15 ‘ It is vitally important we get people who have themselves been through that experience , ’ said Christine .
16 How would you describe , if you 'd been through that jungle what would you have said ?
17 She 's been through that process once , and it seems that she 'll stay immune to further absorption .
18 ‘ You 've been through that ? ’ he asked .
19 We 've been through that . ’
20 House prices will not rise in the same way and consumers who have been through that experience have been hard bitten by it .
21 Having been through that process once , the Social Security Committee is clearly interested in other areas .
22 yeah , erm yeah it was different erm with it only being role play it was a bit erm difficult to keep up with it sometimes and actually keep it going like , erm if it was the real life situation outside right you 'd know that the person you were talking to had more had been through that situation before
23 Er Eric and I know fully we 've been through that , fingers crossed behind our backs .
24 having been through that experience with Helen , he 'll be a lot more weary .
25 I do n't make any apologies for that , and maybe it is going over the old ground , but unless we do it , unless we try to do it , if we 've done it the way before been and it has n't produced what we , what we want , then surely it 's not for us to sit back and say , ‘ Well , it 's been through that and it has n't worked ’ , surely we ought to try again , and that 's what I hope to be doing , sort of value your support and see you .
26 Who will lose his legs — ‘ And sleep without his girl — ‘ ‘ My family have been through all this already .
27 I have been through all these emotions myself .
28 Often they say , ‘ I thought that I had been through all this and settled it in my mind ten years ago , yet here I am having to come to terms with the same issue all over again . ’
29 He said , ‘ We 've been through all this before and it 's about time they were getting things right .
30 ‘ Fuck off , we 've been through all that .
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