Example sentences of "[no cls] let me just " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 Er let me just say that aloud
2 Er let me just check
3 heart , but er let me just check your blood pressure this morning .
4 Ah Lou Christie there and Lightning Strikes , B B C Radio Nottingham Sport Special , twenty three minutes after eight o'clock er let me just bring you up to date with the latest scores up and down the country .
5 Erm , I do need to see you some time erm let me just just see erm , but I 've got your erm your last term 's report here that we need to meet to discuss .
6 Erm let me just see if I 've got a I made a whole page of notes here du n no whether any of its important .
7 erm let me just let me just ask you first of all what is the value for you and for the company of of developing skills on presentations .
8 Okay let's get Even though it 's fantastically interesting but er erm let me just get a bit of feedback from .
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