Example sentences of "[n mass] over and above " in BNC.

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1 A pilot scheme , using one welfare rights worker , indicated the potential of a specialist approach to welfare rights which concentrated solely on the needs of people with learning difficulties : it raised an extra £20,000 over and above existing benefits .
2 Residuals can tell us about the general level of variability of data over and above that accounted for by the fit ; we can judge atypical behaviour against this variability , as measured , for example , by the midspread of the residuals .
3 Penson gave David Davies the job of preparing the foundations , embankment and approach road for the iron bridge over the Severn in the ‘ top sawyer 's ’ home town of Llandinam and was so pleased with his work that he recommended payment of an additional £15 over and above the contract price agreed .
4 Spending on social security has increased by 41% over and above inflation — to well over £1 billion per week .
5 Thus , in 1979–80 a primary school of 210 children from 113 families raised £8970 over and above its capitation — an expenditure per child from non public funds of £42.71 per year ( £1 per child per school week ) .
6 The proposition , in paras 1.7–1.10 of the appellant 's comments , that the margin above calculated need was set at 60% over and above that calculated to provide ‘ at any one moment , a five year supply of readily available private housing land ’ is a grossly misleading account of the provisions made in the approved Structure Plan .
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