Example sentences of "[be] shown to be " in BNC.

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1 This will be shown to be particularly the case in the next chapter on the relationship between catholicism and the Irish constitution .
2 This was confirmed also in a case involving Ewbank J. in Coventry City Council V T ( 1986 ) ELR 299 ‘ that access had to be shown to be beneficial to the child ’ .
3 Discrimination in education , as in other spheres covered by the Act such as employment ( see Chapter 9 ) is also permissible if it can be shown to be ‘ justifiable ’ .
4 The classic realists could be shown to be just as transgressive and problematic as the modernists .
5 Ricardou was particularly guilty of attempting to establish an officially sanctioned list of approved modernist precursors : the criteria he used were based on a simplistic and over-schematic distinction between writers who accepted a mimetic function and those for whom the materiality of language could be shown to be paramount .
6 It could well and easily be replaced by a doctrine which has it that the surgeon 's act carries liability only if good faith and due care and skill can be shown to be lacking .
7 I have suggested that it can be shown to be fair or just to do so ; but this may not make it right if some other principle of greater weight is involved .
8 A machine may well perform these tasks for him for some considerable period of time , but it has come to be accepted that once the brain can be shown to be dead , the machine is not keeping the patient ‘ alive ’ in any accepted sense of the word ; it is merely ventilating a corpse .
9 That agriculture has to be shown to be necessary for the viability of Article 3(5) areas is stated in the House of Commons ' Agriculture Committee 's 1982 Report which also states that such areas must have a low or declining population , the exact opposite of the view given by MAFF ) .
10 which can not be shown to be justifiable irrespective of the person to whom it is applied .
11 which can not be shown to be justifiable irrespective of the colour , race , nationality or ethnic origins of the person to whom it is applied .
12 It seems that public concern is mostly raised when the pollutant is easily observed and can be shown to be due to some organisation flouting the law .
13 If it can be shown to be successful at bureau level then there are certainly grounds for extending it throughout the democratic structure of the CAB .
14 No ; control for a prior variable ( size of the fire ) and the relationship will be shown to be negative .
15 Mrs Thatcher , a recent convert to environmental conservation , clearly held the opinion that environmental problems are not only soluble but that solving them can be shown to be cost-effective :
16 If it is possible to generalize from this at all , it is that presence of predator remains in a fossil assemblage gives no indication of method of origin of the assemblage , even if it can be shown to be accumulated by a predator .
17 In terms of the metric functions of the line element ( 6.20 ) , this rotation can be shown to be equivalent to the result that , if U , V , W and M are solutions of ( 6.22 ) , then another solution is given by ( 12.12 )
18 All of the above transformations can be shown to be obtainable from a general rotation and rescaling of the coordinates in the plane .
19 It is of type D , and can be shown to be part of the Taub-NUT solution in the Taub region where there are two space-like Killing vectors .
20 If the fact that the label is encoded there helps in the interpretation of a pronoun referring to that object , the other half of Sag & Hankamer 's hypothesis — that deep anaphors are interpreted with respect to only a mental model — will be shown to be false .
21 Obviously , if vitamin A can be shown to be necessary for photoperiod detection by an extraocular receptor , it is likely that rhodopsins are at work .
22 Some people were outstanding and became the deified men and women of the great religions , and their lives can be shown to be relevant to the conception of the Created God .
23 Advantage should be taken of external courses where these can be shown to be relevant and cost effective .
24 On appeal , this assumption could be shown to be false and the village ends up with a significant new development site ; it is this type of appeal decision which leaves the layman surprised and frustrated at the way in which the system operates .
25 Any given rise in unemployment in the winter months , therefore , can only be shown to be significant if it can be demonstrated that the rise is over and above that which is normally expected at that time of year .
26 The ‘ fight ’ has to be shown to be taking place .
27 The assumption that because the accounts can be shown to be wrong , with the benefit of hindsight , every creditor can blame the auditors , is decisively rejected .
28 If this could be shown to be the case they would have been entitled to a share purchase order from the Court .
29 If women are refused credit because of some credit-worthiness factor ( say , not having a full-time job ) which applies more often to them than to men , that is lawful only if that credit-worthiness factor can be shown to be a justifiable reason for withholding credit regardless of the sex of the applicant .
30 Algebraically , this can be shown to be equivalent to , If the energy required to propagate the crack by producing the two new fracture surfaces were really confined to C , the free surface energy ( which is seldom much above I J/m 2 ) , then simple arithmetic will show that , at any realistic stress level , the critical crack length would be very short indeed , perhaps around a micron .
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