Example sentences of "[be] said [prep] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Still , some things may be said with reasonable assurance .
2 Mr Sheffield said as Mr Elderfield was not complying with his medication it may well be that he had some form of epileptic fit but it could not be said with complete confidence .
3 It can already be said with virtual certainty that lamb will never be as cheap again .
4 The Rovers return , it might justifiably be said for 28-year-old Mimms has just bought the pub next to the house where he was born .
5 Some of these books are raw as hell , but whether the inspiration comes from Jilly Cooper or Thomas Hardy , Iceberg Slim or Samuel Selvon , what can be said for sure is that the Black British Novel is here to stay , giving voice to a bunch of people with a whole mess of new stories to tell .
6 But can the same be said for international law ?
7 All that can be said for certain is that I respond to all of it — vixen , trees , plants , birds , the lot — but it does not respond to me . ’
8 Games are an integral part of any school 's curriculum and the same can be said for New College , but all the pupils are blind or have got very little sight .
9 We 're in a mess and nothing is going to pull us out ; I am not a socialist ; I 'm not impressed by your little man in Rome ; I do n't like ultra-nationalists ( I 'm not one of those who 'd follow the general ) ; I think there is something to be said for constitutional monarchy but in France that cause is as dead as mutton ; I have not much faith in the League , nor in democracy as an up-to-date technique of government .
10 I think there 's a lot to be said for arranged marriages , actually . ’
11 The same can be said for working-class , black and other oppressed groups .
12 The same can not be said for left handers since the mean observed frequency is greater than 50 per cent .
13 But if you do live in a village you will almost certainly know your vicar , and the same could be said of inner-city communities .
14 The same can be said of individual schools .
15 And what is said of the resurrection may be said of other miracles .
16 Whereas the same can hardly be said of other worries , worries ( for instance ) about deception and decay .
17 But if Marxist thinkers have not , on the whole , contributed very profoundly to the study of nationalism , much the same can be said of other major sociologists .
18 What we mainly have in answer so far , about causes and causal circumstances , is that they stand in seven connections — the last three of which are also fundamental to what will be said of nomic correlates .
19 Leaving aside several other good attempts to explain the difference between causes and causal circumstances and their effects , and also what can be said of great obstacles in the way of these attempts ( Mackie , 1974 , Ch. 7 , 1979 ; Ayer , 1984a ; Sanford , 1976 , 1985 ; Papineau , 1985b ; Honderich , 1986 ) , let us return to and concentrate on our ordinary convictions about the difference .
20 Exactly the same can be said of ethical and psychological categories , or any critical categories whatever . ’
21 The same can then be said of social and stylistic factors .
22 Much the same could be said of academic journals , for example , in which the development of a particular format contributes to the authority of any one article .
23 Unfortunately , the same can not be said of British primary legislation , where ascertaining the date of commencement can be a substantial problem .
24 But the same can not be said of twentieth-century Christianity , which is why the type of doubt we are now considering is so prevalent .
25 A bit more will be said of particular features of the metalinguistic and possible-worlds proposals , but let us first consider something common to both of them and indeed to other proposals .
26 The same can also be said of physical science : despite the apparent breadth of the course , students felt that they had little control over their learning .
27 Can the same be said of military firing at those times ?
28 Returning from our detour , what , if anything , can be said about regulated and publicly owned companies compared with public liability companies ?
29 Taken together , these problems raise the issue of whether anything useful can be said about Black women from a research tradition which has failed to engage with their lives .
30 Is there anything to be said about other phrase types : prepositional phrases , adverb phrases , adjective phrases ?
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