Example sentences of "[not/n't] be talking to " in BNC.

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1 and says erm we 've not been talking to her it sa she 's not the one to write .
2 Then you would not be talking to me like a business client with whom you have experienced an unfortunate misunderstanding . ’
3 Sometimes I stick to ‘ driver — ’ well , I have a cab ( though you 'd better not be talking to a real musher ) and a Heavy Goods Vehicle licence .
4 At least he was n't going to pretend he had n't been talking to her .
5 I mean how can you justify talking to her about that when the efficiency is improved since she has n't been talking to people ?
6 It was n't that she had n't been talking to Mandy , it was just that she had let her displeasure over that application be felt for an entire week now .
7 And er er sort of phone call one afternoon at half past four from the deputy , oh by the way , in fact if we had n't been talking to any Brummies on a we would 've been interviewing people and telling them that they 'd got a three year and these are all points that are gon na be brought up next week , but I do n't see there is any possibility of them doing an about turn because they 've gone public on it .
8 He has n't been talking to anybody has he ?
9 Some years later I was at dinner with Brian Huggett and he got up and said , ‘ I should n't be talking to this man because he robbed me of the British Open .
10 He should n't be talking to a newspaper .
11 Cos I think it 's important that er the the the theatre actually talks to the people who actually use the why are you saying we should n't be talking to people then ?
12 ‘ I should n't be talking to you like this when you 're worried about your sister and I 'm only her friend . ’
13 I should n't be here , and I certainly should n't be talking to you , but I have no option . ’
14 Problems with volume on the last page erm I do n't that affect most of you erm you wo n't be , you wo n't be talking to cavernous places will you ?
15 ‘ I sha n't be talking to the Press about it , nor to anyone else .
16 So I suspect that you wo n't be talking to these kinds of men , or do you get a chance to talk to the men that you perceive are part of the problem .
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