Example sentences of "[that] i realised how " in BNC.

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1 It was only towards the end of last year , when the book was going to press and space was tight , that I realised how important a contribution was made not only by my work , but also the work of all the women who had contributed to the Project both nationally and internationally .
2 It was only when I was in secondary school and took notice of the relationship of children of my age were with their parents and families , that I realised how other people behaved .
3 It was n't until I 'd bought one and used it that I realised how much it speeded up knitting .
4 However , it was not until she came round from behind the reception desk that I realised how huge she was .
5 I think it was then , with his powerful fingers digging like claws into my arm , that I realised how formidable the man was .
6 ‘ Do you know , Father , it was n't until Whitton was dead that I realised how he had held us in his evil thrall . ’
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