Example sentences of "[vb -s] all over [art] " in BNC.

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1 Aunt Elena is a concert pianist , and she plays all over the country and in Europe , too .
2 This may not seem to be a very daunting task , but when a man who has been flying four engine jet transports all over the world is suddenly confronted with a young pilot who has just written-off the landing gear of a light aircraft while trying to land in a cross wind , the true qualities of the new inspector are under test .
3 The ball flies all over the place .
4 Hold a knife blade over the housing and it goes all over the place , proving the point .
5 So you 're good at hey that 's good because some people ca n't go their F goes all over the place .
6 The Hartlepool Express Laundry ( 861–086 ) goes all over the North-East and although its main customers are businesses , it 's attracting an increasing number of private customers as word spreads .
7 And he clips them in and he goes all over the cars .
8 We sent Martin over to operate our North American office because we produce a magazine that goes all over the world , and based in Canada he ran the office for us there and was doing a very good job .
9 Instead there is a designer 's travelogue : the production ( no director is listed , but Nigel Jamieson heads the company ) veers all over the Far East and indeed round to the Caribbean .
10 With the other he dipped what looked like a hearthbrush into the bucket then flung its load of holy-water drops all over the pile of stones .
11 Now homes all over the country are having their flues and chimneys unblocked , and old-fashioned fireplaces are being reinstated .
12 She writes all over the table and all .
13 An alarm rings all over the factory . ’
14 Bill vomits all over the controls .
15 That 's why I take a small telescopic rod , a tiny fixed spool reel and lures all over the world with me .
16 It is uncomfortable for us all , but it happens all over the world , every day of the week . ’
17 I mean , it happens all over the world , you know , in in the in the especially in the whatsname countries .
18 It occurs all over the hierarchy , but is seen in its most blatant form at the second level .
19 Energy applecarts all over the world rocked on their axles .
20 Jackie Gardner takes exhibits to horticultural shows all over the country and the nursery has just picked up a Gold Medal at Chelsea .
21 I wonder if it will catch on here , and fantasise about enormous Khat raves all over the country : ‘ Mastication — featuring DJ Chewing Tunes and MC Yorker , 100K lasers , 60K sound system , gyroscopes , brain machines , Yemeni massage and solid silver spittoons . ’
22 Pain starts in the nipple and radiates all over the body .
23 Tom , based in Sussex , travels all over the country , even to Wales and Scotland , to work on horses ' teeth .
24 Armed only with a sketchbook , Olwen travels all over the country in search of botanical gardens and interesting conservatories .
25 Since leaving South Morecambe , Colin has been manager responsible for CCG projects all over the country , as far as Hull , Peterhead , Essex , Nottingham and Lincoln .
26 It opens all over the country this week .
27 Rock'n'Roll explodes all over the scene .
28 He gets all over the pitch , and I could see him fitting in in all kinds of areas , he used to be good for Spurs even when the defence came under pressure , and he 'd tackle back , becoming the ball winner .
29 This week he was on a beach in Malta ‘ he still gets all over the place , ’ says his agent dreaming of the Premier League .
30 Well known aerobatic pilot , Jim Franklin , as purchased two of the Iskras for use in his airshow act , which he performs all over the USA .
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