Example sentences of "[to-vb] all over [art] " in BNC.

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1 Now , you 'll see that it has a tendency to go all over the world wherever it is invited but whoever invites the World Council of Churches now must , in fact , be able to cope with a great number of people !
2 The great problem we face is that obviously the authorities in South Africa do n't want the picture to be made , and we 're shooting it in Zimbabwe , where we 've been made very welcome , and erm the difficulties is the creation of South Africa in Zimbabwe , which means you have to go all over the place .
3 After a welcome and introductory talk by Sylvia Townson , the theatre 's public relations officer , visitors were able to wander all over the Edwardian building with most grabbing the chance to stand behind the footlights for a thespians ' eye view of the ornate auditorium .
4 Mr Craven does n't want you to wander all over the house ! ’
5 She was free to wander all over the estate and Mitch kept with her , his collection of shots growing .
6 The dreaded gardeners ' garters , of Phalaris arundinacea ‘ Picta ’ manages to creep all over the place but is far too lovely a plant to write off just for that reason .
7 And he he stowed with er stayed with the Ogilveys at Fortar He stayed er at night , so that was Oh and he used to walk all over the countryside .
8 Earlier however Kelburne looked as though they were going to walk all over the young Aberdonians when they raced into a 2-0 advantage from scores by David McKay and Michael Starling but a goal by Philip Webster just before half time gave the northerners a timely boost .
9 After leaving the potion laboratory , she soon discovered that Mildred was not in her room and set off to look all over the school where , of course , she did not find the missing pupil .
10 Stephen , you do n't want to leave all over the kitchen like that , it 's really .
11 I do n't want to bleed all over the stairs . ’
12 Ordinary ones have a heat sensitive stickum on the back , which is likely to run all over the insides of your printer , making for some heavy bills at the least , and , at the worst , ruining your printer .
13 You can imagine that some drivers er went the wrong way , and it was just that they , they just did n't concentrate on the run but nowadays they seem to run all over the town .
14 to run all over the bloody place and
15 The Greater London Association for Pre-Retirement ( address on page 154 ) publishes Something Different To Do which lists unusual interests and organisations to contact all over the country .
16 The night of December 16th 1943 , became known as Black Thursday , because a real pea-soup fog descended on eastern England while the squadrons were out , so that they came back to find every air field shrouded in gloom and had to land all over the place .
17 ‘ I do n't want the eggs to break all over the other things . ’
18 With cemeteries to maintain all over the world it is nor surprising that a variety of arrangements , contracts and agreements have had to be set up to ensure proper care and maintenance .
19 There is good reason for its common name ; the bruised foliage , whose odour has mint-like associations , induces cats to roll all over the plant , eventually ruining it , but it is said that plants grown from seed will be safe until dying down , or withering for some reason .
20 As a child I made these , covering the kitchen in ingredients and allowing balls of mixture to roll all over the place , only to be found six months later behind the toaster .
21 The legal adviser helps to negotiate the firm 's contracts ( and may have to travel all over the world in order to do so ) , keeps it right on matters of company law and employment law , pilots takeovers , etc. , and may , on a wider front , advise on what is proper conduct within a system of self-regulation adopted within the industry by means of a Code of Practice .
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