Example sentences of "[vb mod] not [be] said " in BNC.

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1 The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria , a very well-educated man , who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son ; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine .
2 She turned on Constanza ; Constanza lost her head , she struck back , she said the things she had not said in a life-time , the things that should not be said .
3 Like every church , like every Christian organisation , there were things being said and done in the Christian family in Rome that should not be said and done in a fellowship of Christ 's people .
4 With a fictional character , described in the third person , there is nothing that may not be said .
5 ‘ But then , I have never in my life known a single headmaster of whom that might not be said . ’
6 i have not heard of a similar setup at least — the only player who is remincent in norway of flo and almost as good in the air has been out injured this season so the setup has not been tried and maybe never will — at least it shows that coach Egil ‘ Drillo ’ Olsen — thinks — which might not be said of Mr Turnip .
7 Many routes could not be said to form a coherent network , other than as InterCity connections to whom they did not now belong , and a few ( surprisingly few ) were in the mould of the traditional country branch line .
8 Mr McCormick submitted that if any one of the mother 's reasons was possibly valid then it could not be said that the mother 's refusal to consent was outside the reasonable band .
9 Professor Rhys , of Cardiff Business School , points out that the Essex plant is in an area of low unemployment and that the same could not be said of the other big plants .
10 These meetings could not be said to be unimportant because world Christianity ought to be seen to meet .
11 That could not be said of the Cuban missile crisis which could be seen as President Kennedy 's determination to uphold the Monroe doctrine .
12 Erica herself was entirely honest , and worked hard for her causes , but the same could not be said of some of her associates .
13 Although I suggested in the last chapter that it was easier for Brian Way than for Peter Slade to challenge the formal drama traditions within the schools , it could not be said that either of them had very much impact on what drama meant and still means to interested people outside our educational institutions .
14 By the time that the Book of Isaiah was written however , things were being said about Israel 's God that could not be said of any other , and this led increasingly to the claim that the God of Israel is the only one that exists .
15 They accepted that Mr Goodman would suffer financial hardship as a result , but said that they were not in a position to judge whether his dismissal had been justified , so that it could not be said that his difficulties had been caused by the company 's conduct .
16 Unfortunately the same could not be said of the bad weather ruling which reared its ugly head too often .
17 While bringing many qualities to his new post , Mr Snyder could not be said to possess great insight into the subject — in fact he did n't possess any sight at all ; the new chairman was registered as blind .
18 The King 's Bench Prison was for gentlemen debtors , for ‘ men born to property and a high station in life who by their folly and crime reduced themselves to wretchedness and loaded themselves with disgrace ’ — though James Grant 's description in Pictures of Popular People could not be said to fit poor Benjamin Haydon .
19 Such a sentence as ‘ He feels sad ’ would be unintelligible without assimilation to my own feelings ; and although ‘ He is sad ’ is interpretable as a dispositional statement about behaviour , in the manner worked out in Ryle 's Concept of mind , someone who did not know that it entails ‘ He feels sad ’ could not be said fully to understand it .
20 They had referred to all the relevant authorities and had properly understood the principles and so could not be said to have erred in law .
21 When the last payment was made on 12 February 1990 , it could not be said that the accountants would necessarily be benefited by a surplus of £2,310 to set against fees for work done earlier but unpaid .
22 The last payment could not be said to have been more than required to pay for such services rendered then or in the future .
23 Mrs Frizzell eased herself — it could not be said that she exactly pushed — through the crowd so that she was next to Mrs Hnatiuk , while Maxie stopped to talk to clients .
24 The Government 's policy on television in mainland Tanzania could be seen as anti-elitist ; the same could not be said of its policy on the press .
25 The senior staff of the TANU press felt that , while they might not always be in agreement with everything the Government and its various ministries did or said , they were committed to its goals ; the same , they believed , could not be said of the Standard .
26 A review of recent research led Coleman ( 1986 ) to conclude that reminiscence therapy could not be said to stand on a very solid base , and that it is important not to make generalizations about the value of reminiscence to any particular individual .
27 The same could not be said of his stenographer , seated in front of him .
28 This could not be said , however , for any of the gifted children : although many showed talents in various fields and carried these through into adult accomplishments , none achieved the very highest level of creativity seen in Cox 's subjects .
29 The students could not be said to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts .
30 Whereas a person involved in the American Mafia could say , quite reasonably , ‘ what 's all the fuss about , we only kill each other ’ , the same could not be said in defence of some corporate crimes .
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