Example sentences of "[vb mod] [adv] be said " in BNC.

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1 But it should perhaps be said that amateur boxers often avoid the excesses and the injuries of their professional colleagues , and the likes of Dick MacTaggart is a monument to sportsmanlike behaviour .
2 John Barber , in the Daily Telegraph , described Crawford as ‘ a winsome young comedian who recalls Harold Lloyd ’ and his performance as ‘ a continual delight ’ but added , ‘ It should perhaps be said that there is nothing pornographic in the show — nor , I am afraid , much wit or natural jollity .
3 The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria , a very well-educated man , who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son ; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine .
4 She turned on Constanza ; Constanza lost her head , she struck back , she said the things she had not said in a life-time , the things that should not be said .
5 Like every church , like every Christian organisation , there were things being said and done in the Christian family in Rome that should not be said and done in a fellowship of Christ 's people .
6 It should thus be said that any incident which involves , either directly or indirectly , Hamlet himself , is connected with ‘ the main purpose of the play ’ .
7 While appreciating the extraordinary difficulties facing Mr Lamont , it must still be said that he could have handled them better than this .
8 It must also be said that a plain boiled ham presented on or off the bone is a delight to the jaded palate and should not be ignored because it remains undistinguished by any special cure .
9 All of the references given above come from what is called the Priestly strand ( ‘ P ’ ) and as such they are to be dated to around the time of the Jews ' exile to Babylon in the sixth century BC — that is , according to the still widely accepted dating of this biblical strand within the source-critical school of thought ( though it must also be said that my own arguments as developed in this essay and elsewhere independently point to the exile as the time when these blood concerns and rituals would first have emerged ) .
10 But it must also be said that Servan-Schreiber 's unwillingness to share the responsibility for management with the centre 's scientists contributed to their subsequent departures .
11 If German anti-Semitism was the ‘ bastard child of the union between German nationalism and Christian anti-Semitism ’ then it must also be said that German nationalism was the offspring of military ambition and industrialisation .
12 ( It must also be said that only about one in ten of the adult population in Britain in teetotal and it could be that at least some people in this group are unwell , rather than the other way round . )
13 Nevertheless , it must also be said that the new revenue at the monks ' disposal served to hasten the building of the new choir of the cathedral , which ( as we shall see ) was one of the major achievements of Anselm 's archiepiscopate .
14 It must also be said of Poland that its society has been most resistant to Communist influence and , that of all East European countries , the gap between the state and its society has been greatest The LWP has not gone out of its way to act as the arbiter of events ; rather , it has had this role thrust upon it by Party factionalism and weakness .
15 The same must also be said of the Pastorale d'été and the Prélude , arioso et fugue , a transcription dating from 1936 of a piano piece composed four years earlier .
16 It must also be said that Herbert Casson 's admiration for youth could outbid even Baden-Powell 's undying romanticism : For page upon page , across three issue of Teacher 's World , Herbert Casson went on like this , at the same unrelenting pace .
17 It must also be said that during these early years , in the 1870s , there was little hostile reaction from most of the men .
18 Further , an examination of the impact of Japan 's industrialization on the industrialization of twentieth century South East Asia will identify the importance of the Asian capitalist network in shaping the modern economic growth of the region , as well as some of the ‘ missed opportunities ’ which occurred under European rule from the middle of the nineteenth century : it must also be said that the penetration of Japanese manufactures into South East Asia had destructive as well as constructive implications for the South East Asian economies .
19 It must also be said that they were not alone in their efforts to secure the Francoist state against those it branded as " anti-Spain " .
20 Manager Frank Gray perhaps had a point after the game when he said that luck did n't smile kindly on his side , but it must also be said that Quakers did not utilise the strong wind in the same forthright manner as the home side in the first half .
21 But it should also be said that some elements of this description of mine could be taken to characterise the activity , sometimes ominous enough in its human implications , of all imaginative writers , however remote they may be from the dualistic confederacy .
22 It should also be said that people of influence , who have n't put it in writing , also openly agreed with the placing of a bolt .
23 It should also be said , perhaps , that Lord Darlington was never what might be called a natural public speaker , and soon all those small sounds of restlessness that betray that an audience 's attention has been lost grew steadily around the room .
24 It should also be said that marketing considerations can come into the calculations .
25 It should also be said that while he speaks of ‘ absolute dependence ’ , he does not mean to imply that we have no personal freedom or responsibility , that we are mere puppets in the hands of omnipotence .
26 It should also be said that marketing considerations can come into the calculation .
27 With a fictional character , described in the third person , there is nothing that may not be said .
28 Consent may thus be said to require not merely a knowledge of the physical facts of sexual intercourse but some elementary appreciation of the significance of the act in its biological , social and moral context .
29 The Rovers return , it might justifiably be said for 28-year-old Mimms has just bought the pub next to the house where he was born .
30 But other concerns seem to centre around whether animals might properly be said to be happy or free from worry' , not in the sense of being healthy and free from pain but rather with the human paradigm in mind .
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