Example sentences of "[vb pp] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Counties are designated all over the south .
2 Born in 1900 , the same year as the Queen Mother , he had spent twenty-three years at the top , he had travelled all over the world , he had stories and memories of escapades and people and was a colourful raconteur .
3 Although he 's travelled all over the world taking stills , Mexico and the Bahamas last year , Thailand and Kampuchea before that , of all the beautiful places he 's visited and the stunning scenery he 's witnessed , his favourite place is the bottom of the sea .
4 A group of armed Covenanters , under the command of Sir Robert Hamilton of Preston , East Lothian , had assembled at Rutherglen , and being opposed to Charles , had travelled all over the district , extinguishing the bonfires and stopping the celebrations .
5 For Charlie is one of Scotland 's best known pipers and has travelled all over the world with the Black Watch to play at social and diplomatic functions .
6 Again without a query , the news was triumphantly relayed all over the world , with the simultaneous announcement that the Kaiser had bestowed the Pour le Mérite upon Guretzky-Cornitz .
7 The recently launched G M B , T and G information pack on the acquired rights directive has been well received all over the country and a revised pack is available here at Congress today , giving negotiators and stewards the latest information and arguments to use to protect members ' jobs and conditions .
8 Pierre has taught all over the world — next month he 's running a course here at the Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway .
9 Table 7 gives some idea of the many Friesian derivatives which have since been developed all over the world .
10 Footsteps are heard all over the building causing surprise and apprehension and expectancy in those visitors who have heard about the phenomena but have n't experienced it .
11 ‘ Minpins of the forest ! ’ he cried , raising his small voice so that it could be heard all over the tree .
12 Rather grudgingly a voice said , ‘ The Prime Minister ’ , and supporting voices were heard all over the room .
13 Her eyes were like Glittering Stars ; her raging voice could be heard all over the County — even as far as Cleveland .
14 The Museum , although having a modern exterior , was originally built around a Moorish bath-house Commemorative plaques of the Rock 's historical past have been posted all over the streets and buildings .
15 Shiseido has increased the proportion of the moisturising ingredient hyaluronic acid in the Matte Red Lipstick to give a velvety texture , and the three-sided Black Variations Shadow Liner is as soft as charcoal so that it can be blended all over the eyelid or gently smudged as a liner .
16 Savings groups were formed all over the country and children ran their own campaigns in schools .
17 And thousands have sped all over the world .
18 Leaked all over the pages . ’
19 Then , slowly , he looked round the kitchen and the sitting room at the flowers painted all over the pale green walls , like a meadow in summer , at the dark green ivy crawling up the stairs and the bears and tigers and dragons decorating every piece of furniture .
20 Liz Clifton the gallery organiser says the work is very skilled and they 've looked all over the country to find things .
21 But if noise is the point at which language buckles and culture fails , then you could argue that noise occurs in moments , tiny breakages and stresses dispersed all over the surface of music , all kinds of music .
22 and all my beautifully arranged slides all arranged the right way up and all in the right order all tipped all over the floor .
23 The contents of all of them had been pulled out and scattered all over the floor .
24 In the last two decades of the fourth century a fair number of cities , scattered all over the empire , experienced riots in which fanatical Christian mobs destroyed temples and ‘ purged the idols ’ .
25 Families are like constellations of stars : we see each one as an entity , because they make some recognisable design , yet the individual stars are scattered all over the universe , apart .
26 The most that could be offered would be autonomous areas within regional self-government ‘ towards which members of the respective nationalities , scattered all over the country or even all over the world , would gravitate and with which they could enter into relations and free associations ’ — some measure of accommodation to Bauerism .
27 There were American military bases scattered all over the Islands : they were there to protect the Pacific .
28 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
29 There were incendiaries scattered all over the airfield for days , being picked up and made safe — another job for the armourers .
30 The first 20 live closest to the hospital that is to do the transplant , the next 20 are somewhat further afield and the remainder are scattered all over the country .
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