Example sentences of "[vb pp] [adv] upon a " in BNC.

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1 The " OCCI boom " ( Optical Coincidence Co-ordinate Indexing ) spreading through school resources centres in the early 19705 was not , however , based only upon a misunderstanding about media formats , although there was evidence of a considerable confusion about general principles of information retrieval ; what teachers in particular were signalling ( as I explained in Organizing resources ) was great dissatisfaction with the effectiveness of conventional catalogues in practice .
2 Although Spencer worked out an elaborate scheme of social evolution , in terms of the increasing scale and complexity of societies , his political sociology was based mainly upon a fairly simple distinction between ‘ militant ’ and ‘ industrial ’ societies , the former being characterized by the predominance of activities concerned with defence and offence ( that is , warfare ) , the latter by the predominance of activities concerned with ‘ sustentation ’ ( that is , production and trade ) .
3 Thus , the new version of English ( often now explicitly distinguished from " English Language arid Literature " ) offered a sense of ontological security as well as a pedagogic programme , based particularly upon a conception of self generating and autonomous value .
4 Most contemporary studies of stratification are based either upon a Marxist or a Weberian perspective .
5 But if they are described in stories , then surely they must have lived once upon a time ? ’
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