Example sentences of "[coord] [prep] a period " in BNC.

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1 That tribunal said that to force an applicant to state whether he intends to live here forever , or for a period of not less than six months , invites deceit and was somewhat removed from reality .
2 Often this is to do with the fact that the current bereavement has driven the person into emotional overload because of everything else that is happening in their life either currently or over a period of time .
3 This may be in a particular meeting or over a period of time .
4 These relationships assume great importance and for a period of time they are probably the most significant ones we have .
5 Enormous growth in this business occurred through the substitution phase and for a period of some years the business was extremely profitable .
6 In fact a gold standard operated in the international economy prior to 1914 and for a period after the First World War .
7 Nevertheless drawings by him still lined the hall which led into the bar , and for a period a mural by Minton , with some assistance from others , hung in the dining-room where visitors could dine simply or expensively , eating plates of goulash or a champagne supper , seated at scrubbed oak tables and benches .
8 Sir Colin Anderson , patron , collector and for a period Chairman of the Tate Gallery 's trustees , visited this exhibition and noted ‘ flop ’ beside the catalogue entry for Minton 's work .
9 Avery sat to Minton for a couple of portraits and for a period saw him about once a fortnight .
10 The rate of economic growth in Britain slowed down and for a period was in absolute decline .
11 And for a period of centuries it was under the joint rule of Bern and Fribourg .
12 of the currant bun is down five P and for a period so is the price of the Mirror newspaper .
13 His education included a year at Eton ; and for a period of seven years from 1740 to 1746 he lived in Italy , where at the beginning of his stay he met and formed a close and lasting friendship with Horace Walpole [ q.v . ] .
14 Richard escaped the siege of Bytham and for a period of a week or two in February 1221 in the forest of Cliff , Northamptonshire , he held off a royal army .
15 The central courtyard , built originally for coaches and horses , was roofed over , and for a period the ballroom doubled as a volleyball court .
16 The minimum working age must be set at 16 years , and those over this age shall receive fair remuneration , and for a period of two years shall be entitled to vocational training in working hours .
17 Her husband began to complain of headaches and lethargy and after a period of investigation in hospital it was discovered that he had a malignant cerebral tumour .
18 Sexual relations between the newcomer and the old man 's daughters are not resented , and after a period of mutual co-existence the young male leads the daughters into a separate existence as a new harem .
19 But they do at least survive , and after a period of time will be able to regrow their tails .
20 They left the foster mother 's home on 19 June , and after a period in a children 's home they have been placed with different foster parents .
21 He was a South African like Albert , but eventually settled in England and after a period at York City became a postman .
22 Historically , the minimum subscription Association 's affiliated organizations and clubs has been set that twice the personal member 's subscription and after a period of two years ' grace it 's the Council 's wish that this balance is re-established so that the relativity returns to that which existed prior to the increase in subscriptions that was proposed at the A G M in nineteen ninety one .
23 Chairman the , the mechanism is well practised and widely known it starts with the draft two two B in the January the Committee and after a period of about five to six months ' consultation within which the board programme of work of all capitalists are listed and put out to the community for response through their elected organization as to acceptability , five points of detail who were at relatively hirer one man to speak
24 PictureTel Corp has reported first quarter net profit up 30.3% at $3.7m , struck after $1m gains due from the cumulative effect of an accounting change this time and against a period that included $933,000 in tax credits , on turnover that rose 55.2% to $44m .
25 The regions have to be abolished , the health service , education and transport broken up or privatised — and in a period when the natural anti-government reaction , allied to an already-perceptible bitterness , will produce hefty hostile majorities in local government , and a narrow Commons majority will take its toll .
26 The Butlin version of the holiday camp prospered in a climate of campaigning for holidays with pay and in a period before packaging had been fully developed as the major way of selling holidays and travel .
27 However , the evidence is not entirely conclusive , and in a period when lords were having difficulty in finding tenants to take up holdings , it may well be that the conversion from arable to grazing was forced on them .
28 The everyday lives of ordinary people are not the basis for good television unless the characters and events are portrayed in a consistently entertaining fashion , and over a period of time ; hence the great success of television soap operas .
29 According to bogus sexologist Dr John R Brinkley , goat glands held the secret to combating male impotence and over a period of twenty years he amassed a fortune of more than $12 million administering them to 16,000 men worried about their sexual inadequacies .
30 This does not add much to the cost of the order , and over a period of time the extra components build up into a useful stock of parts .
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