Example sentences of "[adv] [vb pp] upon a " in BNC.

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1 So in the Westinghouse case , one group of witnesses successfully claimed a privilege existing in English law , while another group of witnesses successfully relied upon a privilege existing in the law of the United States , the requesting State .
2 Here was a circumstance where a great number of foreigners , who would be unable to speak the local language , whose customs would be regarded with suspicion , and whose mariner of worship differed significantly , were suddenly thrust upon a remote community .
3 In decoration and linear format , this school appears to represent more of a native tradition ; whilst the former , apparently based upon a single workshop ( and its subsequent contraction ) appears to be organised more deliberately .
4 They had already decided upon a name .
5 Any employee at Coniston Mines during the 19th Century would fall into one of two distinct categories : ( 1 ) a dayworker , whose wages were generally based upon a rate of so much per day but which was variable depending upon the degree of skill required , yet at times might be calculated on a piece rate , or , ( 2 ) a miner engaged in winning ore from the stopes , tunnelling , raising , or shaft sinking through rock .
6 Once appointed an administrative receiver has ‘ all the powers normally conferred upon a receiver and manager appointed under a floating charge ’ ( see p. 379D ) , though , as was recognised in that case , there are features distinguishing administration from administrative receivership .
7 The stability of feudal society had always depended upon a relationship of trust between lords and vassals .
8 Dr Neil had seen her few poor items of food decently arranged upon a napkin in the bottom of the basket , and there seemed little doubt that she was actually living in the district — although why he could not imagine .
9 It is linked to an appraisal system usually based upon a banded assessment of performance .
10 Their recommendation to farmers is usually based upon an ad hoc or more systematic land capability assessment .
11 The existing schemes in the early and mid-1980s were usually based upon an annual interview by a member of the Senior Management Team of a school , or perhaps a head of department .
12 It has just been argued that a thorough analysis of the market attractiveness and competitive strengths of an SBU ( possibly based upon a Porter analysis ) , should provide more insight into the future covariability of the SBU and total market returns .
13 Decisions are usually reached upon a motion being put to the meeting .
14 In late July the parallel committee of the House of Representatives had also agreed upon a much-reduced defence bill upon which the House was due to vote after the summer recess .
15 The Mystical Theology of Dionysius the Areopagite had also dwelt upon a thick cloud of unknowing that separates the ineffable God from mankind and this image dominated Greek theology .
16 The answer , as it seems to us , must be that the court regarded the enhanced right of silence which common law and statute have traditionally conferred upon a person once he has been charged as providing him , in the language of section 2(13) , with a ‘ reasonable excuse ’ for failing to comply with the requirement .
17 The Dutch sellers now relied upon a clause ( clause 13 ) in their contract of sale with the buyers and claimed therefore to have proprietary rights entitling them to have priority over the buyers ' other creditors .
18 They hereby resolve to use every mean in their power to Detect the Deserters now presented upon a list … "
19 From an aesthetic perspective , the booths which successfully overcame the white-carpeted department-store ambience were those which staged one-man shows , or accrochages sharply focused upon a few artists , such as Galerie Jule Kewenig of Cologne with Peter Wutherich 's ‘ Literary Watercolour ’ ( 1992 ) , a beautiful , ovoid configuration of books , with titles and spines facing downwards and inwards , in shades of turquoise , green , blue and violet and Sophia Ungers , of Cologne with eight works by painter Stefan Mattes .
20 Although initially research was often focused upon a single pollen site , the subsequent research was able to proceed towards the regional assessment of past vegetation not only in Britain but also in overseas areas such as the tropical rain forest ( Flenley , 1979 ) .
21 Semi and unskilled operatives are mainly engaged upon a seasonal , temporary or casual basis .
22 The premise behind regarding both want and excess as jurisdictional defects , and the breadth of meaning given to excess , are therefore implicitly based upon a Gould type theory .
23 In this vein , nationalism is described as if it were some independent ideology , strangely based upon a sense of belonging to a particular national or ethnic group , with its traditions and a so-called common history .
24 Moreover , trust in Hitler was not simply based upon an early end to the war , but on an early victorious conclusion , and all the indications are that before late 1942 and early 1943 — centring around Stalingrad , the North African reverses , and the mounting allied air supremacy — only a minority of Germans ( around a third of the population according to American surveys carried out in 1945 ) were prepared to concede that the war was lost .
25 Yet , it was asked , was it possible to exclude him by treaty , so manifestly an arrangement between the king of England and the Burgundians ( the dauphin 's political rivals ) , and then imposed upon a sick king who was in no position to resist ?
26 All 50,000 who passed the course , and a further 20,000 members of staff who are involved in the cold chain , then embarked upon a second training module to emphasise the importance of maintaining chilled and frozen foods at the correct temperature .
27 Modernist organizations may be thought of in terms of Weber 's typification of bureaucratized , mechanistic structures of control , as these were subsequently erected upon a fully rationalized base of divided and deskilled labour .
28 The Strategy Committee has therefore embarked upon a detailed review of the plan , looking at the effects on the profession , of the proposed changes in legal aid , the cost of default , and the importance to both the Society and practitioners of continuing to provide a quality service .
29 Well known as riff-writer extraordinaire and with a seemingly bottomless pit of catchy songs to draw from , Canadian Adams confides that his approach to songwriting and guitar playing is actually based upon a formula .
30 But what I would like to say before we look at those is that the Act was actually based upon a report — the government set up a committee to look into special education several years ago , and this reported about two years ago .
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