Example sentences of "[pers pn] just sort of " in BNC.

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1 I du n no what to do , so I just sort of stand there .
2 So , what I do is , I just sort of rub my teeth with my fingers .
3 My head 's spinning , so I just sort of lean there a bit and have a rest .
4 I just sort of taught myself , Miss Honey . ’
5 Well I , I remember once going into er a British restaurant because it was my birthday and there was trifle on the menu and trifle was some sort of weird jelly thing that was thi instead of sponge it was stale bread and I think it was sort of stewed apple and mock cream but the fact that it it was my birthday and it was trifle you know I just sort of sat there like a queen but I think I 'm sure that it tasted quite revolting .
6 The rest of the week I just sort of tidy round , dust , put the carpet sweeper over — that takes me till a quarter past three , when I go to meet my little girl from school , and I do n't very often get much done once she 's home …
7 I 'd been banging up dikes for a couple of years when smack came on the scene and I just sort of carried on as I had been doing , y'know , with the smack instead of the dike .
8 Can I just sort of say I 'm I 'm somebody working on a team er , that deals with eating disorders .
9 I never actually spoke to anybody about boyfriends , contraceptives , intercourse , whatever , I just sort of picked little things up , I thought if you were under sixteen either your parents came with you or you do n't get anything .
10 Because I just sort of went to work the following day and I worked away as normal .
11 When you came can I just sort of take you back again ?
12 I just sort of
13 Yar , I think I got a copy but I just sort of filed it with all the Quality Manual stuff , as there were various different things which needed .
14 looked around and said well he said looked at me said er well cos he was just about to g throw a wobbly and say , well surely the sales department should be dealing with this , should be should be giving him the information and he he just turned round and gave the aforementioned quote and I just sort of went yes it is .
15 And I could n't stand physics , I just sort of
16 You can do what I always do , which is I just sort of casually throw mine away , erm , because I just find it clutters the binder up otherwise .
17 I , I just sort of made erm two short ladders about two inches long .
18 I had to go and collect grandma you see to take her to the station , and I did n't have an awful lot of time so I just sort of ran round and collected whatever I got .
19 cos we done not a lot this morning like I just sort of be zombies , I 'm sure we could do play with
20 Sorry I just sort of
21 I just sort of assumed you knew .
22 You know I just sort of
23 I ai n't seen this series I just sort of remember from the last series .
24 No , I just sort of accost people and talk to them and normally they pay me to go away !
25 I just sort of say no , er
26 It 's here , I , I forget that it 's recording so like when people are n't talking I just sort of think fuck it .
27 She agrees with everything I say , she 's never horrible to me , but when you 're around she 's really horrible to me and like , even though she 's agreed with something I 've said earlier , she just sort of goes yeah right Cassie ha ha ha it 's really funny and takes the piss out of it and you sort of go along with her and I just sort of have to stand there while you two stand there laughing at me and I do n't like it .
28 Well you laughed and you were sort of and I just sort of told her and said shut up , shut up and stop being so bitchy .
29 I 'll cook curry or lasagne but I never knew , I never knew the recipes I just sort of stuff and think that goes together well
30 Kathy is the one , yeah no that 's right , yeah , she is Kathy I du n no I just sort of get those two muddled up I do n't know why , anyway erm t Kathy was just talking right and she
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