Example sentences of "[pers pn] is accepted [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Even if it is accepted that there is now overwhelming evidence that we possess a body clock , it will appear to have little use .
2 It is accepted that not every ‘ foul ’ committed in breach of the rules amounts to a crime , and it seems to be assumed that players do , and may lawfully , consent to physical force over and above the minimum permitted by the rules .
3 It is accepted that the energy crisis is permanent and may intensify .
4 This problem has been reduced now that schools are required to make some attempt at formulating longer-term school development plans , although it is accepted that they will act as flexible guidelines .
5 Thus it is accepted that without good discipline in a school the standard of teaching and learning , and thus the achievements of both teachers and pupils , will suffer .
6 The extent to which these problems will be tolerated , and the measures adopted for dealing with them , will vary from school to school , and it is accepted that it would be impossible to lay down precise rules about the steps to be taken .
7 It is accepted that there may be interactions between supposedly distinct stimuli when they are presented simultaneously .
8 It is accepted that some 10 to 15 per cent of cases are seen outside the clinics by private or general practitioners , and it is unusual for these cases to be reported to the Department of Health .
9 Library use is never evenly distributed throughout the stock , and it is accepted that some stock categories will only be used by a small number of readers .
10 It is accepted that this : may mean that sometimes an employee will get a bit less than he might have expected ; it may mean that sometimes an employer will have to pay a little more than he had expected .
11 However , even if it is accepted that IIAs are marginal to the prospects of urban economic development and employment creation , it seems evident that some approaches to industrial improvement are more successful than others .
12 It is accepted that what separates us from the other creatures sharing our planet is our capacity to think .
13 If it is accepted that general management is still gathering momentum , more may yet be to come .
14 If it is accepted that these moves are taking place , and there seems little doubt that they are , the question remains as to what significance they have , and what they imply .
15 It seems to me quite arbitrary to disallow man-made machines this ability , when it is accepted that men are machines , and that such an unknown machine as a Martian may also perceive meanings .
16 This thought can be entertained only if it is accepted that the universe is eternal and timeless , and the theory of a once only chance association of circumstances causing life , be abandoned .
17 It is of no consequence once it is accepted that the God to serve humanity originated at the moment that life first became manifest , and combined with the material of the universe to start the long process of producing living creatures with the capacity to enjoy life and all that that involves .
18 It is accepted that the corridor effect may well operate in the years immediately after 193 and the current rush of development is , of course , partly designed to offset the loss in employment caused by general economic decline and the likely transfer of business away from the Channel ports to the Tunnel .
19 Once it is accepted that the inner city is an idea rather than a place it is tempting to ask which interests really do benefit from the recurrence on the political agenda of the urban crisis .
20 Since it is accepted that the consensus varies according to time and place , it is not clear how one distinguishes between a legitimate consensus and a deviant subculture .
21 At this point it is sufficient to mention that it is accepted that there were differences between the real and reported rates , but that for some crimes over certain periods of time the difference was fairly constant .
22 It is accepted that general reading of the financial press is important but should not constitute a major part of the CPE undertaken .
23 Less obvious is the misguided logic it offers , for , if it is accepted that blacks have the natural ability and talent to do well in sports , then it can do no harm to encourage their participation in sport .
24 It is accepted that ageing is a continuous process from birth to death and there are considerable differences between the average worker in the 25–45 age group and the apparent equivalent in the 46–65 age group .
25 These begin from an appreciation of the complementary nature of data arriving through the different sensory channels and expand by the acquisition of concepts such as the continuity of the physical world , e.g. a person who walks behind a screen has not vanished , it is accepted that he is still there even though temporarily there is no sense data to confirm it , but a hypothesis will be generated which supposes that , if he walked behind a screen at a constant speed , he ought to reappear at a given time at the other side of the screen .
26 The headhunting phenomenon of moving teams gained itself a bad name , and it is clear that such a practice is still scorned by many of the most reputable executive search firms and by many companies too , although it is accepted that it happened comparatively rarely .
27 By embracing the evidence from the ‘ effectiveness of schools ’ research and adopting a whole-school approach to special educational needs , we can create a truly comprehensive service of education in which it is accepted that ALL teachers have responsibility to meet the needs of ALL children .
28 It is accepted that taking risks will sometimes lead to accidents and consequent criticism .
29 Firstly , it is accepted that the modern public company has become an organization whose significance almost rivals that of the state .
30 Once it is accepted that the reasonableness of a belief is merely evidence of its actually being held and if it is allowed that other cogent evidence may be admitted to prove the existence of the belief , there seems to be no difference at all between the honest subjectivist and the reasonable objectivist .
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