Example sentences of "[pers pn] is [adv] accepted " in BNC.

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1 For it can not be emphasized too much that the transsexual , even after conversion surgery , continually seeks reassurance that she is now accepted in her new sex role .
2 Yet , says Sir Adrian Cadbury , chairman of PRONED , the organisation which seeks to promote wider use of non-executive directors , it is overwhelmingly accepted that NEDs with the right qualities are essential in an effective board .
3 ‘ Very serious grounds are needed to infringe anonymity , and it is generally accepted even by the Swedish judiciary that the public 's right to be informed takes precedence over law and order considerations , ’ said Ms Frances D'Souza , director of Article 19 , the International Campaign against Censorship .
4 Although the number of expatriates who voted is not known , it is generally accepted that those who take the trouble to register are likely to vote .
5 It is generally accepted that energy reductions of 10 per cent may be possible through simple steps which are often termed ‘ good housekeeping ’ .
6 It is generally accepted by most researchers in the field ( although there is now increasing concern over drought and climate change , see below ) , as is the three-step concept of forest damage , which distinguishes ‘ predisposing ’ , ‘ inciting ’ and ‘ contributing ’ factors .
7 It is generally accepted that aims should be reviewed ( even if this does not result in alteration ) every four years .
8 It is generally accepted that people are motivated by success and that it is often easier to work towards realistic short-term targets .
9 Experts continue to disagree about how to extrapolate from one to the other , although it is generally accepted that even the smallest dose carries a health risk .
10 It is generally accepted that the treponeme needs a small cut or abrasion in the skin before it can gain entry and cause an infection ; simple contact with the skin is not enough .
11 It is generally accepted that during the period of the First Crusade knights began to wear distinguishing marks of one kind or another .
12 It is generally accepted in the 1990s that no academic library can be self-sufficient , and that academics must move around for materials ( see Chapter 11 on ‘ weeding ’ ) .
13 It is generally accepted now that to speak of self-sufficiency in the face of such quantities of material is absurd .
14 It is generally accepted that a crime is an act which breaks the criminal law .
15 It is generally accepted that a system which is easy to use can help cut recruitment and training costs , and help retain staff .
16 It is generally accepted that odours per se do not cause a risk of infection and it is doubtful whether nausea , sleeplessness , mental strain or depression , commonly suffered by people exposed to odours , would be regarded as evidence of prejudice to health , as they affect a person 's general well-being , rather than threaten a clinical disease .
17 It is generally accepted that an analysis of functions ( ie using the FAI ) is a prerequisite to the use of the other instruments , as illustrated in 14.4 , which shows the planned sequence of application for the study ; moving from the method tailoring phase to the development of the requirements specification , followed by an evaluation of the proposed system in the final stages using the Benefits Analysis Instrument .
18 In 1912 Edison introduced the compatible ‘ Blue Amberol ’ records made of an even tougher plastic ; and it is generally accepted that Blue Amberols had a better , higher fidelity performance than any other medium before the First World War .
19 Full length waders are essential as it is generally accepted that the best depth to work is knee to waist deep .
20 It is generally accepted that for both the ageing and new/modern aircraft , the complexity of maintenance problems ( i.e. ageing — corrosion , modern — advanced avionics ) increased dramatically in the last ten years .
21 It is generally accepted that each person , man and woman , is made up of both masculine and feminine qualities , and it appears that in some lifetimes the masculine will have been predominant while in others it will have been the feminine .
22 As a corollary , it is generally accepted that many marginal social groups , especially economically-depressed ethnic minorities , also have high rates of crime .
23 It is generally accepted that managers are motivated to pursue profits , whereas they are not greatly motivated to keep within a cost budget .
24 Partly because of this kind of situation , it is generally accepted in the United States that conventional credit scoring systems do not reliably discriminate between good and bad payers either among people on very low incomes or among people in the 18 to 25 age group .
25 It is generally accepted that privatisation will have the most favourable effect on competition when monopolies are broken up or when new competition is introduced .
26 3 : It is generally accepted that nuclear electricity is everywhere more expensive than other forms of generation when the brushed-aside costs of decommissioning and dealing with its wastes are included , as ultimately they must .
27 As a person 's independence gradually gives way to dependence in one or more areas of daily life , it is generally accepted that the family will increase support and assistance .
28 It is generally accepted ( p. 145 ) that ‘ hygiene ’ type variables such as pay and working conditions can , if they are inappropriately specified , depress morale and motivation but they will not in themselves result in very high levels of these parameters .
29 Domestic monetary policy , it is generally accepted , was primarily determined by the defence of sterling by means of interest-rate manipulation and credit control and , over the whole period , was ineffective in controlling the money supply .
30 Although it is generally accepted that the globular domain of H1 or H5 binds to the exit and entry points of nucleosomal DNA , there are currently many conflicting models for the detailed picture of how this is achieved .
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