Example sentences of "[adv] assumed that all " in BNC.

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1 Lampreys and hagfishes lack a differentiated stomach , and it is generally assumed that all agnathans were similarly microphagous with no need for a stomach .
2 Myths abound in the heroin community as to the meaning of ‘ notification ’ and ‘ registration ’ and it is generally assumed that all ‘ official ’ agencies are in league with one another .
3 It is generally assumed that all spreadsheets will benefit from fast calculation but this is n't necessarily so .
4 It is also assumed that all complex carbohydrate malabsorbed are converted to H 2 with the same degree of rapidity as is the case with lactulose .
5 In the past , it was often assumed that all babies who could not tolerate milk were lactase-deficient , and this idea is still current in some quarters .
6 Without anything in writing to the contrary , it is legally assumed that all members of the band equally share the band 's profits and assets .
7 In the basic Gaussian method just described , it has been tacitly assumed that all errors are equally likely .
8 The household is often treated as a unit of consumption , and it is frequently assumed that all members of a household have equal access to its resources .
9 Even with interests , it ought not to be casually assumed that all interests are automatically legitimate , or that compromises can and should be made to accommodate them .
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