Example sentences of "[adv] be talking to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ But you 've only been talking to them for a little while ! ’ said Angalo .
2 Erm , if they start to have an illness and it develops we 'll obviously be talking to their doctor , I mean if it 's apparent that they 're blind on the form , well then , obviously we would looking the amount we paid , or , or , erm , basically come to some agreement on that .
3 Astra has already been talking to officials of the Commons about its planned service , based on the American C-Span cable network , which performs a similar function .
4 She is simply an older version of the woman you have just been talking to , and so the farce goes into Round Two with defeat for the customer the only possible outcome .
5 When you and Chantal arrived at that accommodation agency I had just been talking to the proprietor .
6 ‘ I 've just been talking to your aunt on the phone .
7 I 've just been talking to Captain Montgomery .
8 ‘ I 've just been talking to Mrs Flaherty , ’ she said .
9 I just been talking to a coupla friends of yours . ’
10 Erm I I 've just been talking to me husband about it .
11 I 'd just been talking to the guard , twelve hour shifts , sixty hours a week and he ca n't even have any time off for tea breaks or meal breaks .
12 Catching her arm , he said quietly , ‘ I 've just been talking to Donal . ’
13 Well no that just might have been Rachael you were just been talking to .
14 But I 've just been talking to the head there and he said you know that you know the tor tutorial programme , Mrs started it all erm
15 You may have to say , Well I 've just been talking to the estate agent about this and er you know on a number occasions he 's sent people along to you er may be you did n't realize that was happening .
16 Just been talking to Tracey .
17 Well no she does n't , I 've just been talking to her .
18 I 'll also be talking to John MacGregor , about the privatization of British Rail , has he really given in to his rebels who want B R to be able to bid for the franchises , or is it all a clever conjuring trick ?
19 ‘ They knew that I liked girls and if I had a choice , I would rather be talking to the girls than doing my homework . ’
20 ‘ Look , I 'd much rather be talking to you than … ’
21 Well we 'd rather be talking to the West Midlands , Chair rather than fighting about where it 's going throughout the whole of England , which is a slight difference , in geographical terms .
22 English Heritage says that it will now be talking to its advisory committees .
23 I should n't even be talking to you .
24 But I 've never been talking to you before .
25 We 've also er recently been talking to erm a lecturer of the University who is doing a project , a research project , and would like to er offer his services to us in in that er in that project , so we at the early stages but nonetheless I think it is er very important that we do er test the market place and find out what both think of us , so that we with a prime and only objective of improving a service
26 We shall therefore be talking to the local chair of Friends of the Earth , whose name just escapes me a minute , yes , we shall be talking with him , thinking about a day .
27 so you would actually be talking to economists , lawyers and accountants , and very often you had a feeling that the first time they had come together to talk to each other was when the CNAA arrived .
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