Example sentences of "[pers pn] [vb mod] just put " in BNC.

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1 I do n't need to copy it down when initially build it but er I might just put a little bit of extra work in I can make so and can copy it down .
2 Oh I think I might just put some petrol in over there .
3 ‘ All right , then , I 'll just put my own . ’
4 ‘ I 'm ready now , darling , I 'll just put my scarf on . ’
5 I 'll just put it here , ’ he said , taking it to a table which was just a long low slab of something transparent .
6 I 'll just put my bags in my room , all right ? ’
7 I 'll just put the kettle on . ’
8 I 'll just put some newspaper round them to keep them together , ’ said Perks .
9 I 'll just put a ring in pencil , round the ones that are okay .
10 I 'll just put you through to the staff room . ’
11 I 'll just put a little bit wispy in the back because when I was in Hans ' class , the best triangle I ever did was lovely , really pleased with it and it collapsed did n't it ?
12 I 'll just put it back a little bit there .
13 The number of firms supplying the industry , er , we 'll go through these in a bit more detail in a moment , I 'll just put them down .
14 Er I 'll just put Miss signal to probe into areas .
15 Yeah I 'll just put it in .
16 I 'll just put public transport , because it 's er , you , you 'll realise it means that wo n't you .
17 I 'll just put poor health .
18 Right I 'll just put national account execs , key account execs , right okay
19 I 'll just put down voucher for compensation case to be investigated
20 No Well I 'll just put it on .
21 We 're gon na look at the Pearson 's cross product or product moment correlation and Spearman 's rank order Before we do , I 'll just put this on and make sure it 's working okay .
22 I 'll just put that aside .
23 So I 'll just put that there .
24 Er well I 'll just put it up there .
25 I 'll just put the lock off the gate on the windowsill .
26 I 'll just put it on there like that .
27 I 'll just put them in the bag cos I 've locked the door .
28 right , I 'll just put me money in my pocket but I 've still got
29 I 've only just put it out er , Rosie , but I 'll just put it in the microwave for a minute .
30 thought I 'll just put that on it .
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